I wonder if sticking to my convictions will pay off. At present it seems to be putting me in a variety of extremely precarious positions. I get frequently attacked by powerful people in the media, ICO, cryptocurrency and venture industry. I didn't think I'd have a suite of such enemies by 25.

and I am an extremely minor player in all this. I guess it goes to show what being a public, unapologetic bitcoiner and critic of ICOs gets you.

however I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I caved and gave up on my principles. I wont quit – either I get forced out and shamed, or I prevail.

thanks for the support guys. maybe I should stop using this mastodon instance as my personal therapist :D

@nic A man hasn't lived a full life unless he has some enemies. Having principles demands you make choices others don't agree with. Especially the sleazy con-men. They hate critics blowing their scam.

@nic Stick to your principles, it's easy to go with the crowd. Nothing stays the same in life, so change is always possible further down the line. Meanwhile, don't quit you will prevail 👍

@nic I see. How do you feel about thanks for the support guys. maybe I should stop using this mastodon instance as my personal therapist :D?

@nic Nooooo. That's good content. Plus, it lets us know we're not alone :)

@nic You don’t need to be shamed and you don’t need to prevail. Stay with your principles and don’t let any of it be personal — because it’s not.

Just my 2¢


I can't think of a better compliment then being trashed by ICO charlatans.

Even Ver hasn't ICOd anything yet

@nic Not doing it pay off if you play it smart. At the end of the day doesn't matter what others think or say about you. If you're happy about your principles and your actions, it's all fine

Keep going. Your taking all the flak because you are precisely over the target.

@nic Bitcoin exists because there is, and always has been money to be made on the backs of others. Ignorance is key to this arrangement. I got your back!

@nic If your conviction happen to be right it will pay off. If you are wrong and we end up in a multicoin/multichain dystopia, the situation is so bad that as far as I am concerned the reputation is the last problem

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