Some non-bitcoin things that many bitcoiners are into:

- extreme diets
- architecture revivalism
- information theory
- renaissance art
- stoicism and hellenistic ethics
- consequentialism (rather than deontology)
- guns and personal defense
- privacy enhancing tech. Tor, VPNs, etc
- localism (as opposed to globalism)
- the american midwest
- frontier culture
- ruralism rather than urbanism

anything I'm missing?

nootropics and psychedelics are probably worth a mention too. I see a lot of that in my feed.

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oh! a ton of bitcoiners I know have backgrounds in poker too.

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@nic makes sense, many have lots of game theory implications. One of my favorite minds in the space is Juice, the guy who thinks Bitcoin is Nash's Ideal Money. He got into Ideal Money via Poker and his at on Twitter has poker in it.

@nic I knew bitcoin from poker. Purchased my first btc @ $340 to be able to move funds around specially after the US banned online poker in 2011. I’ve been professional online-poker player for 9 years now, I still play poker on Different sites and I withdraw my winnings in regularly.

@nic and I still have many friends from MTT poker who are avid bitcoiners now, because of poker.

@Bitcarnivore @nic Yep when I first herd Andreas talk about it on the Joe Rogan Podcast I was like I wonder if I can make by playing poker.

I still play on SWC and Nitro for almost 5 years now

@BitMexTrader @nic ACR is a good place to turn $ into some sweet corn. Tournaments are very soft.

@Bitcarnivore @nic On there already to, did you ever play over Bitcasino when hey had poker made 3 BTC in a cash game in 4 hands the dude keep shoving with junk and I keep getting good cards

@nic Satoshi’s original bitcoin client had the beginnings of a built-in poker game. Provably fair P2P poker is made possible with the help of bitcoin’s blockchain iirc. So perhaps Satoshi was a poker player... or perhaps poker was added simply because it had been made possible by the invention of bitcoin, and Satoshi was aware of that.

@nic might just be my personal experience: seasteading... ayahuasca...

@nic I figured there would be more deontologically-leaning bitcoiners due to the prevalence of Rothbardian ancaps.

@mydogisahusky @nic lol, so broadly, deontological positions are ethics based vs consequentialist positions, which are based on ends or goals.

@nic I feel like bitcoiners will love the old Foxfire books. For those who may be unaware:

Only for the hardcores.

@nic deadlifts, biohacking, experimentation... general life optmization / hacking

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