have a nice piece brewing on PoS versus PoW which should settle the issue.

most critiques of PoW / arguments for PoS are so misguided, they fall apart like wet tissue paper.

Lord grant me better critics so I can face a real challenge one of these days.

@TallTim yes Hugo is a gem. love that stuff. I will be exploring more of the socio-economic dynamics of PoS rather than technical stuff. I defer to Hugo on that.

@nic Looking forward to reading it. WIll you give current examples of implementation of PoS? Most of the articles I've read lack real world examples of PoS. I prefer empiricism when when avaialble.

@Ragnarly true. empiricism is always better. I might disappoint because I am abstracting away details and reasoning about these systems in the aggregate. however I will try to engage individual examples of PoS. hard, because there are few good extant cases.

@nic True about dearth of cases. Even with those, pro PoS people will point out how their implementation solves whatever probles of the example PoS.

If PoS is empirically proven superior to PoW, I'd support it. But I doubt it will.

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