a personal message for my bitcoiners.

three years ago, in september 2015, my mom, Melitta, died of cervical cancer. she was 53 years old

she had been married to my dad Laurence for 26 years. instead of breaking down in despair, he decided to do his best to stop this happening to anyone's mother or wife ever again.

as it turns out, cervical cancer is extremely preventable, which is unusual for cancers. the HPV virus causes the majority of cases. and a vaccine exists for HPV. so just getting young girls vaccinated can prevent a huge number of cancers.

so my dad decided to do something extraordinary – he quit his job as a senior World Bank executive, and decided to walk 3500 miles around the coast of England and Wales to raise money for Cancer Research UK

He is trying to raise $200k. He is 10% of the way there. He has walked 600 miles so far and will be walking ~20 miles a day until he finishes in summer 2019.

I told him bitcoiners were quite generous and I taught him the basics of Bitcoin (he is an economist for the WB so is very skeptical!) and set him up with a Ledger to accept donations

his website is where you can track every step walked (he is using Strava) and he is documenting his journey.

the bitcoin donation page is and the address is 364PU94bdSbhCsSjnRKvPHjgBH6tSiAb6S. You can see a pic of him with the bitcoin address on the site for verification.

Nothing I, or my dad, can do will ever bring my mom back. But we can help prevent this disease from taking anyone else's life. The vaccinations work. This is a rare case where we can fight back productively against cancer.

the funds will go directly to cancer research UK in june 2019 when he finishes the walk. He has designated them for the researcher Dr. Jo Waller. Please see for more.

it would make me extremely happy to show my dad how the bitcoin community helped support his walk. I don't talk about this much, because it's too painful. but I am sharing it because it can do some good.

@nic just read through the site. Your mom sounds like she was an amazing person. Cool to learn that she volunteered at the National Zoo; they do great work there. I'm a member, even though I don't live in MD anymore. The community is generous and I hope we can prove it once again.

@btc she was an interpreter at the amazonia exhibit. which is my favorite part of the zoo. we had her memorial service there actually. she loved the rainforest and the frogs in particular.

@nic this is beautiful. Also lost my mom to cancer when I was 15 and my dad started an Institute for Cancer Research in South Brazil. All the best to your dad.

@nic your dad seems like the kind of guy who understands the adage "the journey is the destination" but all the same, I do hope he reaches his fundraising and ultimately public health goals on this walk.

@nic Awesome. Back in 2013 one of my sons rode his bicycle from Boston to San Francisco raising money for ALS. It transformed him into the man he is today.

@nic In the 50's, Western doctors were still giving women electric shock therapy for PMS and lobotomies for symptoms of menopause. I am not a feminist, but people should realize that some of the 60s and 70s angst was a backlash to that sort of abuse.

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