The only airdrop I support is @Opendime s with little parachutes being dropped by cargo planes into countries teetering on the edge of sovereign default

@Opendime this is what I'm envisioning. used to love playing with these

@Opendime but on a serious note, I do find it sad that so many of the countries that need Bitcoin most have no infrastructure to get individuals access to Bitcoin. right now, Bitcoin as an off-ramp for venezuelans or turks is more of a nice story than a reality.

@nic @Opendime localbitcoins implementing KYC/AML feels like the death of the last onramp for people in those situations. Opendime can be the new cash for them. Hard money cash.

@BrianLockhart @nic @Opendime Aren’t there alternatives to localbitcoins for P2P trades? Bisq, etc?

@alan8325 @nic @Opendime yup, but as much as I love Bisq, it’s not as normie-friendly as localbitcoins. It’s getting better all the time but it’s got a higher rampup cost / higher barriers to entry.


@BrianLockhart @alan8325 @Opendime hodl hodl is a good take on it. I also hope azteco takes off. looking into similar businesses.

@nic @BrianLockhart @alan8325 @Opendime Combination of Bitcoin ATM and a simple Bitcoin wallet like is great for onboarding newbies to Bitcoin. We've on boarded tons of senior citizens and taught them to hodl their own keys. Working on master plan to expand our formula globally.

I once mused @Opendime vending machines. That would be pretty dope.

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