"hate speech" is a nonsense, undefinable, authoritarian concept, 100% of the time. there is no such thing as hate speech, sorry


there is only "speech that I hate"

your hate doesn't delegitimize my speech, fella.

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@nic not only that, if you hate a speech, ignore it. Do not force others to change it to your liking.

@nic agreed. it's a bogus catch-all but malleable and official-sounding term they've created to push an agenda. 'alt-right' is another such example.

@m52go I'm politically unaffiliated (I hold both parties in contempt) but the number of times I've been called alt-right or a nazi online is insane.

@nic yeah same. just calmly and respectfully refuting certain things has gotten me ostracized from real-life social groups (people i'd known for years) for the same reason. it's wild.

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