I miss my mom. Some things never get better with time.

I'm not sure how many words this is, but my goal for 2019 is to publish 100,000 words of a high quality. Wrote the first 5000 today, 5% of the way there already.

My year in blogging (a few pieces I wrote elsewhere not included, these are just on my personal medium)

Decentralization cannot be planned for. It can only emerge.

getting some exposure for trashing Coinbase. at the panel I was on, the CB GC waffled on for 30 minutes (he was allocated 10 mins) and repeated his nauseous anti-bitcoin talking points to an ignorant audience.

feels good to expose these anti-bitcoin schemers on twitter and blanket them with reprisals. the solution is to shout louder. we're winning. we got this.

bear market just getting started. so many big names on crypto twitter are gonna get the hammer. people you don't expect. time to pay the piper.

parent, staring at kid’s phone: “what is this impenetrable cypher?”

just turned on local news for 5 minutes and they immediately jumped into a "Secret codes teens use while texting" segment.

no points for figuring out what "53X" stands for...

the more I learn about SF angel/VC culture, tech investing, big tech cabals, the SF founder / pm loop, the more I think it's a degenerate manifestation of a late stage fiat gorgefest where money is cheap and failure is rewarded.

thankful for people that support me and believe it me. special no thanks to the people that seek to destroy me.

I shared a selection of personal attacks on me today – I had to finally speak up. There are 5 or 6 nocoiners that genuinely want me harmed. A collection of tweets about me from a single deranged individual: imgur.com/a/Mr9vBJU

There's a reason our fund has been explicitly against ICOs. Find it in any of our marketing or public statements. While the other VCs were harvesting retail $ through ICO flips.

Barry signal boosted a quote of mine on twitter and I got an avalanche of criticism ("leave the poor ICOs alone!")

I've been contra ICOs from day 1. Devoted the 2nd half of my masters to a study of ICOs and why they are a poor capital formation mechanism. I will never apologize for being consistent.

the first wave of serious attacks (altcoins, fiatcoins, and corporatecoins) have failed. the next wave will likely be heavy regulation - via AML/KYC and collaborator, vichy-france-style exchanges (like coinbase) - and then full on criminalization

as bitcoin leaves its embryonic phase and enters a phase of maturity, the casual days are coming to an end. now the serious work begins... the time of martyrdom, pitched battle, and repression

the drama today was an embarrassing waste of time and anyone that contributed to it should be ashamed of themselves

I've got 5 years left to be offered and refuse the award

if you ever see me on the forbes 30 under 30 feel free to take me out back and shoot me, I'll already be dead inside at that point

theres like 5 or 6 nocoiners that legitimately stalk and harass me. it's weird. they are all grown adults. why don't they get actual hobbies? the internet has turned some people into complete degenerates.

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