am I really spending my friday night doing this sh*t ????

why does a bot reposting a single thread I made once (@nicstheses) still have more followers than me smh

should I write a piece debunking tether fud lmao

I wrote a piece on bitcoin, explaining the latest rally, for a pretty mainstream publication. they asked for 1000 words. I gave them 3000 lol. written specifically for an outside audience

I still have a couple clubhouse invites, DM me if you want in. it's iOS only and you have to share a phone #, just FYI

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another cool thing about mastodon. total blocklist jubilee. also if I have you blocked on twitter DM me on here and I will unblock you there

mayb I reveal my true thoughts on here?? I release shackles??

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all of my favorite coiners are on here. mastodon feels cozy af

the bakkt SPAC has me lost for words.

not touching a SPAC after reading that deck.

any way to track the number of accounts on the bitcoinhackers instance?

I don't give a fuck about parler, i do give a fuck about the fact that amazon is an extension of the US government and is sending them a political tribute right as the new admin gets in to demonstrate their fealty to the regime. fuck that. if you're an apologist for that, you're my enemy.

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the amount of support we would marshall just by committing to a platform of political neutral payments and internet infra – and being totally unapologetic about it – is insane. apparently no one is willing to stick up for this. bitcoiners are a lot of things but chiefly among them they are BRAVE and UNAPOLOGETIC. first we build. then we MOG.

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it's very clear that political elites in this country are completely spineless, rolling over to contrived narratives (especially re parler) with no resistance. it's time for some new counter elites to emerge, that aren't so fucking afraid to stick up for themselves. bitcoiners need to rise up and assume power.

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