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Infosec world in shock as Bitdefender goes public about chip flaw before its marketing department were able to come up with a logo.

SWAPGS attack: The Spectre-like flaw affecting CPUs

I wonder two btc related things this AM.
1. How much btc does the US .gov own for purposes of price control (selling to cap price rise)?
2. How much effect are/can the cash settled futures having on the price of btc?
I wonder because we were slapped bigtime this AM. The rise to 12,300 was summarilly reduced to 11,500 in a minute or two. Like someone did not want to see two days in a row of 3% gains or more as east coast markets woke up. (This is why I don't trade. I'd get rekt.) HODL

Damn. Somebody slammed the price just as CNBC was doing a segment w/Pomp on safe haven/uncorrelated.

Bitcoin is demonstrating safe haven and uncorrelated behavior.
We just hit the big time.

Yes Max, you magnificent bastard!
$15k btc this week

China just devalued their currency !
We're over 7:1 rmb vs usd.

To repeat: Dayton shooter Connor Betts was a Far Left extremist.

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Do you realize PlanB's stock to flow model puts us at $400k in 2024?

Bitcoin is already regulated in the US, says CoinShares chief strategist

@sjw @p Westinghouse is also looking for people familiar with PDP-11, because that's what their nuclear plants will be running on until 2050. To be fair, the things are fucking tanks and reliable as tits. I know of someone finding one in a garbage dump, taking it home, hitting it with the garden hose, and it just werked

The Bitcoin Game Theory 📈 That Is About To Change Everything. Which Country Will WAKE UP?!

Stole this from Crypto Daily.
NYC parking sign, redesigned.

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