is that a truck full of food in the btc shopping cart in 2024?

Protect your phone security.
Pretty Cool SIM Card Primer:
How do SIM Cards work? - SIMtrace

If you buy bitcoin (btc), and hold it for 5 yeaers, there will be NOTHING you cannot afford. Stack sats you she devil.

I'm impressed they have not been able to send it lower. Resilliance! -
Courtesy of the Hodlers....

So alt season is over? I saw LTC pop over $76 for a minute there....then it was gone.ETH approached $200, then, no more.
Oh well . Back to bitcoin.

Live, interactive stock to flow. Pin THIS link to your desktop for the next 5 years....

So, @nvk - for some reason Mastodon is not capable of recognizing my sign up email, and will not let me back in to the instance under "mydogisahusky" user name. I did the rest password, no emails arrived. Just FYI. I know the instance is kind of dead anyway.

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