Army Doctor Reveals More Soldiers have died from the Vaccine than died from COVID.

@mydogisahusky2 did anybody save this one? It was sent to the memory hole

@mydogisahusky2 i do. But i still want the video. Did you save it? Twitter deleted it

@mydogisahusky2 i see the link to Twitter. On Twitter, nothing.
Or do you mean you actually uploaded it to mastodon?

@Fkrauss and it is hosted on bitchute.
Thousands of the good covid vids are posted on bitchute.
Nothing of any value exists on Twitter. Except bt.

OK we are being censored.
This is what you do.
Go to bitchute.
Army doctor reveals more soldiers have died from the vaccine than have died from Covid
That should work.
Let me know.

Every time i tried to post it - it kept changing it from bitchute to "Twitter- not found". Bizarre.

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