Peter Brandt is so fucking funny. He thinks my husky (who naturally has one green eye and one blue eye) will let the bitcoin price rise if he removes his red contacts.
Even the smart guys are dumb these days.

Jerome Powell @federalreserve in panic.
RT @woonomic
@steve_hanke The false appearance of stability is the Achilles heal of USD.

The real economy is volatile. Maintaining a pretend appearance of stability means USD looks stable, until it breaks all at once in a panic.

hello $55k. We missed you. It's been so long....

Bitcoin doesn’t need to care about your feelings or misconceptions . All that matters is the game theory. Bitcoin has already won most people just don’t realize it.

Looks like a bounce off the $1 Trillion zone. Buy this dip for chocolate covered ants.

Get some good use out of that mask. Throw it in the woodstove and heat your home with it.

So one of the key takeaways tonight imo was Jack Mallers' view of an "evolutionary event". I get the feeling that the folks with sats are going to have a chance, the fiat folks aren't. Like at a survival level. Scary shit.
A pass/fail intelligence test with real consequences for being wrong.
Real Ayn Rand "Atlas Shrugged" stuff.

How many kilowatts does a war draw?
What's the start up surge and what is the steady state load?

"Bitcoin of The World" - she shows me.. live acoustic. Red Rocks Ampitheatre...Colorado

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