Just broke 10k. Someone is selling several btc.

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Oh,I agree too. I'm an old warrior.
They're going to start shooting folks soon.

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Hong Kong airport blocked by protestors for 2nd day

Riot police sent in and forced back

One cornered - pulls his weapon on unarmed crowd

The swimming pool is slowly filled by the tiny trickle of the garden hose....

Damn, if i didn't have to pay for #2 heating oil tomorrow, I'd be buying the dip!

I agree. I posted a link somewhere of the live coverage. Not good.

Many do not realize the founders HAD to overthrow a government. It's the origin of the 2nd amendment.
And we have 25 million cranky vets in the USA right now, although happy TRump is prez.

LIVE: Hong Kong protesters swarm airport for second straight day, again forcing cancelled flights:

Bitcoin Becomes Safe Haven Asset as Total Negative Interest Debt Hits $15 Trillion

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I remember that one explicitly too. He also recently had one where btc price was going up - the last run up from 3-14k where after it had started, and we were around 8k, he said "Don't worry - it will come down again to buy lower. You think that was your last chance? And laughed.
Well price never did come down, and he was out, had to chase it somewhere around 10k-11k to get back in. He was annoyed at himself - admitted on a later show.

Theoretically , makes wars a little harder to finance. Wars use energy.

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