I wonder two btc related things this AM.
1. How much btc does the US .gov own for purposes of price control (selling to cap price rise)?
2. How much effect are/can the cash settled futures having on the price of btc?
I wonder because we were slapped bigtime this AM. The rise to 12,300 was summarilly reduced to 11,500 in a minute or two. Like someone did not want to see two days in a row of 3% gains or more as east coast markets woke up. (This is why I don't trade. I'd get rekt.) HODL

Stole this from Crypto Daily.
NYC parking sign, redesigned.

Crowds at Union Bank during an early 'Bank Run' ...In 1929 the NYSE crashed starting the Great Depression.

I remember the Whiskey Vending Machines... back in the 1960's... water & soda buttons. We need to bring these back with Lightning interfaces.....

Where was censorship resistance when we needed it...? 1966, Georgia, burning Beatles records because Satan plays an electric guitar...

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