LIVE: Hong Kong protesters swarm airport for second straight day, again forcing cancelled flights:

@mydogisahusky Beijing is going to crack down on those people, I'm afraid. Shutting down the airport, which is a major shipping hub was a tactical mistake on part of the protestors. It will provoke an outsized response.

I agree. I posted a link somewhere of the live coverage. Not good.

@TallTim @mydogisahusky it's even more infuriating that this might be a false flag...
Otoh, Beijing can't just send troops and smash it, this would be an utter disaster, including from domestic policy pov

@Sosthene @TallTim @mydogisahusky Yeah sending in military would just look bad. its not 1989 anymore.

@christinabahk @Sosthene @TallTim
Hong Kong airport blocked by protestors for 2nd day

Riot police sent in and forced back

One cornered - pulls his weapon on unarmed crowd

@mydogisahusky @christinabahk @TallTim how are we supposed to have a civilized society if the police can't even throw harmless women on the floor without retaliation 🙂

@mydogisahusky @christinabahk @TallTim and the more you wait, the highest the price. Eventually it will be so high you can't even afford it even if you're willing to

@christinabahk @mydogisahusky @Sosthene I take no pleasure in pointing it out, and I agree. I just think that Xi's psychology won't allow a compromise.

@TallTim @christinabahk @Sosthene
Oh,I agree too. I'm an old warrior.
They're going to start shooting folks soon.

@Sosthene @mydogisahusky The troops and gear massing at the border in Shenzhen disagree. If they weren't going to do it, they wouldn't be there right now. I think Xi is a hardliner and doesn't give a toss whether its compared to 1989. In his likely view, if he does nothing he looks weak. That isn't acceptable to the lifetime president.

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