Why risk everything on some sleezy ETF from Wall Street - when with a little learning you can learn to hold REAL bitcoin safely and securely all by yourself? Try the @Coldcard wallet and learn to store your Bitcoin properly. Encrypted SDRAM backup and BIP 174 compliant. Cold Card wallet needs no website or computer to operate, unlike Trezor or Ledger. The security chips use secure elements, and pins can be programmed to brick the wallet in a duress situation.

@mydogisahusky @Coldcard

As often as you mention ColdCard and how important it _is_ to become a self-sovereign, responsible for your own actions... NEVER STOP to inform/instruct ppl!

Do it over and over again and again and again...


@Strong_Hands_HODL @Coldcard
Absolutely. It's not what people are used to -responsibility, they are used to the Bank guaranteeing their card from fraudulent charges.
At times Bitcoin is a tough sell. Because people like easy, insured, etc.
I sell the concept as a very powerful savings account. That works.

@mydogisahusky @Coldcard

It's just like sowing: some seed will fall on stones blown by the wind or burnt by the sun but some will fall into fertile soil striking roots and thrive.

One at the time.

@mydogisahusky do you like the cold card of the open dime stick better?

Hey sweetie -
I don't have my Cold Card yet, I have my open dimes. THey are different products for different purposes. Open Dimes are great if you are gifting, or are transacting with a newbie who does not have a hardware wallet yet. Say you want to buy a used car or motorcycle from someone - they will accept BTC, but they have no idea yet what it is (See Craigslist..haha) You show up at their house, negotiate a price, load the open dime, they can watch - and hand it over. Done.

@mydogisahusky ah thanks for clarifying. whats the purpose of the cold card then?

Cold Card is a hardware wallet that allows you the option of signing bitcoin transactions - without ever having to be connected to the Bitcoin network or internet.
Example: You are at a car dealer getting work done. The bill gets copied onto your CC's removable sdram by plugging the chip directly into the vendor's node. You remove the chip,re- insert it into the CC.
You sign the TX on the Cold Card, remove the chip, reinsert it in the vendor node, broadcast payment to network

This allows you complete isolation. Your wallet was never connected to anything. You just transferred the chip containing the transaction back and forth between the Cold Card and the vendor node.. Ultimate safety.
Make sense?

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