@mydogisahusky @nvk @Coldcard
You made me jealous. Just ordered a second @Coldcard. The first one should be shipping soon, this second one is at the end of the line. My industrial grade MicroSDs should be on their way too. We’re all set now! 😁

@402PaymentRequired @mydogisahusky @nvk @Coldcard

How much are they? Could I trade someone a copy of for hardware? I want to hodl and I'm USD lean. :)

@BitcoinBelle @402PaymentRequired @nvk @Coldcard
The card is $60. SDRAM Chips are $35 DHL shipping to the states is $20-35 depending on location.
I viewed it as one time pain.
There are no immediate plans for a second batch. THere may only be a thousand or less of these in the world... kind of cool to have, did you watch the video showing remote signing via the chip transfer? Very Cool.

@BitcoinBelle @402PaymentRequired @nvk @Coldcard
Oh... and the "Layla and other assorted Love Songs" post is absolutely sublime tonight. If you are into sublime.

@402PaymentRequired @mydogisahusky @nvk @Coldcard I preordered mine last year. If yours is delivered b4 mine I am seriously disappointed! 😜

@elcapitan @402PaymentRequired @nvk @Coldcard
I'm just a supporter. I'm at the END of the line. But I ordered today, finally. I was just mostly worried about getting one before they ran out..
I did get a report today from another guy who ordered last year - he got his ship notice!
The first ship notice! So it has started.

@nvk @elcapitan @402PaymentRequired @Coldcard

Now, THAT'S what I'm talking about!
We're getting a little ColdCard love from NVK. The Man.

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