Cold Card. Why risk it with an ETF when you can have it all in your hand? Cold Card wallet needs no website or computer to operate, unlike Trezor or Ledger. The security chips use secure elements, and pins can be programmed to brick the wallet in a duress situation. Back up of the wallet is accomplished through removable hi reliability, military grade SD cards available on the site.They are shipping NOW. Next level security for the truly

I haven't even ordered yet! Hopefully today or Tomorrow, but might be Monday.
The batch is almost gone!

@mydogisahusky I bloody hope so! Can't wait to finally get my hands on it. I have yet to receive an email with shipping confirmation though.

THere is no current/immediate plan for a second batch, you will have something pretty extraordinary and rare.

I'm not sure.He might have some other projects cooking. I get the impression he has a lot of varied interests and project ideas.

@mydogisahusky Thanks for the heads up about the limited availability then. Just ordered another 😂😂

@DMN737 I hope to order two also... How many chips have you ordered, total?

@mydogisahusky 2 with them. I will search the internet once I have the device. They ordering is a hassle with them. No credit card payments above 150usd and mandatory expensive tracked shipping when using credit card.

@mydogisahusky to be clear. I ordered 1 coldcard in december and 1 today together with 3 opendime and 2 sd.

@mydogisahusky To complement my storage options of 1 Ledger nano classic, 3 Ledger HW.1, 3 Ledger nano s and 2 cryptosteel 😎

@mydogisahusky I didn't receive an email bhut no just checked and it shipped yesterday!

@DMN737 You are the first confirmed ship on Mastodon!! Congratulation!

@mydogisahusky just ordered one myself with btc. Looks like a sweet device indeed. Looking forward experimenting with it.

Sweet! Can't wait. I'm glad Canada is close to NH.😂

@mydogisahusky Can you backup your seed without using an SD card? I'm afraid of bitrot and stuff like that.

@simonlutz you can also export your key so you can have a paper back up to stick into storage.

@simonlutz further clarification - pretty sure it is "words on a card" too, I have to watch the video again to clarify. It's here if you have time or interest.

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