The Exodus to Mastodon is real.
And we have data to back that up.

User Count Bot @usercount
187,993 accounts
+372 in the last hour
+3,434 in the last day
+11,215 in the last week

@mydogisahusky Yeah those numbers are stunning, I'm impressed with the nearly exponential trend that is forming.

And it is running at it's limits! We are on the edge! I can feel it slow down a bit occasionally.
I think @Gargron
is doing a server upgrade to increase throughput, but I could be wrong.

@mydogisahusky @Gargron I briefly got a not long ago when refreshing. So maybe there is some work being done behind the scenes.

@TallTim @Gargron
He actually posted a "adding new hardware sometime today" note around 6AM EST. I'm sure it was heading off capacity issues, being proactive sys admin etc...

@mydogisahusky I wonder what a list would look like for people who are on Twitter now that you hope don’t show up on Mastodon.

I know it sounds crazy, but I like people. I think we are going to need everyone to take humanity to it's logical conclusion. So i try and remain inclusive as long as possible.

And up until a couple months ago +/-, I've never really used twitter.
It always looked "tired & manipulated" to me. This is better, and worth my effort , so far. And I have been putting in the effort.

@mydogisahusky @CypherPony yes you have ! Keep it up - the snowball is building

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