Cold Card wallet. Why fuck around with anything else?

Cold Card wallet needs no website or computer to operate, unlike Trezor or Ledger, and integrates secure elements throughout it's design.

Encrypted Backup of the wallet is accomplished through onboard removable high reliability, military grade SD cards. (available on the site.)They are shipping NOW. Next level security for the truly paranoid.

@mydogisahusky is it shipping with a red PCB? Can't wait for mine to come in.

I don't know. I have been grabbing images that I find, and winging it. We should ask. The Red Board rules imo.
But then again, if you are carrying around a card that could someday buy a small island nation, do you really want it to be red?
Something to think about, a lot to be said for going low-key.
But definitely red for the ads.

@mydogisahusky @btc @nvk
Yep red looks great. But when I get mine it will not be to carry around. It will be in a strongbox that no one will find, and hopefully never be seen by anyone but me and my heirs.

@kenn3d @btc @nvk
Great point. Maybe we should ask if we can bias the production runs towards more red ones....

@kenn3d @mydogisahusky @nvk yeah, definitely don't plan on carrying it around. My other hw wallets never see the light of day, but I still wanted a black Trezor after they came out (first editions were white or metal). It's just cool! 😁

@mydogisahusky @nvk @vortex
Please note--the link provided in the above reference video!
is returning
"404 — Not Found
Sorry, but this is a dead end on the web. Just one of many."


@nvk @mydogisahusky @vortex

Sorry Rudolfo, but I don't think it's Mastodon...
Can someone pls confirm/deny:

I've linked directly from the url listed in the youtube video "Show More" section into 2 different browsers and both return the 404 for me. ??

@mydogisahusky why? because it doesn't have Lightning support.

I'm not sure that was a design goal. Lightning support implies transactions up to a few hundred dollars. Cold Card is for storage of LOTS of BItcoins. I think it's a different application. Maybe run a zap wallet on your phone for Lightning. You can always keep a few hundred bucks on your phone. Not $100,000. That would be silly. That's where Cold Card's strength is. Hi value, ultra secure. jmo
Here's the black.


If you want a cold wallet yes. If you want something that you can use on a daily basis with good security, a ledger or a trezor is way better. Also, I'm curious about what is the model of Secure Element embedded in your device. Lots of chip claim to be "Secure".

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