I sincerely hope enough people in Turkey had reserves in bitcoin. Maybe they will educate and encourage their peers. I hope it's not too late. My suspicion is that it is.
The only positive that can come out of a country expanding its money supply is exposing the central bank's deplorable control over the people and educating and offering them a sound alternative.


@Tbone Ya - you have to understand. Every economy in the world, is going to slowly (and not so slowly) flush now. The USA will be last because there are "dollars" stuck into every nook and cranny.
We all go down and crash a bit, then we start over. Russia and China are betting on, and planning for resetting into gold backed currencies, The US has no gold anymore, but we might fool everyone, and go with Bitcoin after the reset, We'll see who's smart, and who's screwed in a few years, or sooner.

@mydogisahusky I have different forecasts on the US economy. IMO Trump was 'selected' as a scapegoat for the cause of the next major war, which will be designed to reinforce the Western belief that the US hasn't wasted any money on defense. Immediately after the war, with impeccable timing, FedCoin will be bestowed on the population springboarding the US into the futuristic world of proof-of-authority blockchain. Meanwhile the average IQ slips by 20% and the facade continues.

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