NY Dems Block Tuition Aid for Gold Star Families, Approve it for Illegal Aliens

Which numbers/ letters are NOT used in btc's public addresses?
What are the exclusions?
1.) The number 0. I assume that was to prevent confusion with the capital letter O

I've renamed Twitter
I now refer to it as Litter.

“Fraud is the daughter of greed.”
― Jonathan Gash

RT @Blockstream

We're excited to announce the #SatelliteAPI is now on mainnet! Pay with ⚡️ to broadcast data globally! Satellite Receiver v1.3 is also now released. This required update increases bandwidth & reliability for small antennas & those with low SNR. 🚀🛰️🌐

So..Bird Site restored my account after suspension..they said it was incorectly suspended by their algo.
So my access to my 556 Satoshis on Tippin' has been restored!
My European vacation is back on! (humor...sort of)

@FreePietje Well, is it realistic to expect people to stop using dollars as a currency? I'm not sure people living in magic Internet money houses should throw around terms about "realistic". 😜

To seriously answer your question, people have been trying to define/rename the default unit of Bitcoin since at least 2010 when I started. Yet "bitcoin" still remains the most used unit in interoperable cases, so I don't think we've lost yet.

"I sometimes think extra terrestrials have gotten "out of touch" with the modern world. Trying to promote a 1 world government." -orangesec333

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