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Want to get started immediately - like in 30min?

- Download and install
- Download the latest snapshot of a pruned Bitcoin blockchain

- Extract it to your bitcoin folder
- Start Bitcoin Core

...and start playing around :)

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Trump not pardoning Assange, Snowden, and Ulbricht speaks volumes.

🟠 Warning: If you remain in the current monetary & information system, you will end up in their totalitarian social credit system 🇨🇳🇪🇺

Research - as they themselves say: It’s an escape!

Probably the only escape!
It’s that simple!

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I just published 'Verifying Software 101'

In this article I walk through every step required to verify @SpecterWallet on Linux or Mac.

Full disclosure... I only started doing this myself very recently. It really isn't as hard as you think!

Enjoy 🍻

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Glad to have my first humble contribution PR merged on @SpecterWallet
Thanks @_benkaufman

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The @HRF & @gladstein have announced the latest beneficiaries of its ongoing Bitcoin Development Fund: Bitcoin developer @_benkaufman of @SpecterWallet and @remyers_ of @GlobalMeshLabs will each receive grants of $25,000.

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