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Circle-Jerk Node Thread.

Let me see those beautiful (once thought to be likely-illegal) nodes.

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TFTC #210 with @adam is making me extremely bullish. When I first learned about lightning, paying for streams by the second was the perfect fit, LN is made for that. Podcasts now, music and video will come later. This is the way. @martybent v2 has been released, now with Arm support, so you can host it on your SBC near you.

Tip: If you use the web interface, it has an Enable advanced web interface, which is similar to tweetdeck.

Did anyone test what a good swappiness value for a full bitcoin node is on a 4GB machine?

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The AR that @josiebellini and I made works on all 12 @BTCvsFED billboards

I've completed the Bonus section on the guide for installing Umbrel on the Odroid HC4: Showing bitcoin node statistics on the OLED screen.

Oh, and why would help. I'm not sure on the pros and cons of posting on either instance.

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If I create a sats_per_dollar bot, should it be on this insatnce or on

Is there an easy way of signalling when someone you follow on the bird site pops up here? Mass follow migration would be nice.

Second try on this free website. Seems more lively this time.

Follows me for colorful visualisations, pictures of naked nodes, shitposts and sometimes maybe some interesting stuff.

Oh, can I rename the TOOT BUTTON, cause that's dumb.

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Are you running a full node but use a hardware wallet as cold storage? Are you friends mocking you for running a node but not using it? Are you wary of submitting your XPUBs to a 3rd party?

I made a thing for this:

XPUB Watcher

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