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This girl just realized that she got paid in BTC to do a painting back in 2013.

@pete @verretor @KevinR4v @nvk This year M.2 slots become standard on next gen SBCs, I hope. For example the RK3568, which has 2 lane PCIe 3.0. 🤞

@pete @KevinR4v @nvk Compatibility isn't great, but you can attach a USB3 SSD to it.

@nvk I will move to my own instance. Needs some infrastructure work first.

But running this instance is much appreciated, looks like you actually moved the needle on the great migration. Hats off to you!

New fiat additions to

🇸🇬 dollar 🇮🇩 rupiah 🇲🇾 ringgit 🇺🇬 shilling 🇿🇲 kwacha

Prices from @LunoGlobal.

Want to see your dirty money added? Shill me a local exchange and I'll check if they have a feed I can use.

Have fun with fractional sats.

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@NuGoUp oh darn it, image scaling is completely different here.

But very cool to see, I'm working on getting the bot here. @sats_per_dollar is created.

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Hey guys, I found a really neat client for android, however it is in japanese. It is very slick looking. Can anyone fork the project and do an english translation.

Please help.

@nikcantmine The whole world is in a bear market.
Bitcoin doesn't care.

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