Mastodon question: if you set up a local instance and migrate your account there, can you still follow the local timeline?

@mutatrum Nope, your instance will have its own local timeline. That's what local means.

@kekcoin Ah yes, of course that makes sense. Got confused with local/federated. The question I was meaning to ask is: can you follow another instance's federated timeline?

@kekcoin Maybe not completely correct question either. Local is all public posts of an instance, federated is all public posts of all followed people on an instance, not?

So, then both questions basically. Can I follow the local and federated timeline of another instance, if I run my own instance?

@mutatrum Something like that, yes. It's a bit more complex (for example, the federated timeline might contain a post that a reply to was boosted by someone followed from here... If you can parse that sentence).

But no, I don't think you can follow the local/federated timeline of another instance.

@kekcoin Ah ok, still trying to work out pros and cons of running my own instance. Losing the bitcoinhacker local and federated timelines is a drawback.

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