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Someone messaged me today about a meeting with the Saudis. I thought he was joking but it’s for real. 😅

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Samsung To Begin Production of 3nm Chips Which Could Be Used For Mining Bitcoin: Report | Bitcoin Magazine

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How has @ElectrumWallet managed to stay successful for this long?

How have they managed to avoid _failure_?

Simple: they've stayed away from anything having to do with Venture Capital. They've avoided taking on debt. They've remained pure.

This is what real winning looks like.

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Read: The West can stop Russia at any time by remote disablement of their highly computerized German-made machine tools.

Even withholding of technical support and spare parts would soon render them inoperable, but apparently they are choosing not to do this.
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RT @DWhitmanBTC
Word is Nic Carters venture firm was heavily invested in BlockFi.

They never took money off the table when BlockFi got their second multi billion dollar round of funding.

Apparently, they’re taking a bath on this, hence Carter’s saltiness.

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The community responsible for "rugpulls" is judging our Bitcoin culture oh no what will we do.

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Another day, another round of crypto influencers blaming 'the maxis' rather than addressing the underlying issues.

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This could be a much faster "despair" phase of the curve.

In all these years I don't think I ever seen ppl this bearish and crunchy.

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This is one big reason why gun owners don't want registries, the government will lose the data and put ppl's lives at risk.
RT @StephenGutowski
California appears to have leaked the names, addresses, and ages of every person in the state who holds a concealed carry permit. That includes judges, cops, and regular civilians.

I was able to review the Los Angeles data and it's extensive.

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I don’t think they expected this answer.

Debate Question:

What government agency do you want to cut?


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Hey New Hamsherites, PUT THIS MAN IN OFFICE !

I wanna see him on the senate floor.
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Periodic reminder:

You can download free digital copies of The Bitcoin Standard and The Fiat Standard from Library Genesis. I don't believe intellectual property can be stolen, and I think piracy is the best marketing!

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The ruling oligarchy loathes decentralized money, especially Bitcoin, because it will eventually wipe out their power-structure, as well it should.

But academics and self-described "hackers" desperately want to believe that they're non-conformist, even though they in reality they're so obedient they can't even form their own opinions. But this is the source of significant cognitive dissonance for them.

They hate all real decentralized money because they're told to, but admitting that they consider their Chase Benefits™ card the pinnacle of ethical money is just a tad bit too far out, even for them.

I've seen quite a few of these "decentralized money without dirty carbon evil racist blockchain" type papers. They reliably fail to recognize The Hard Problem so they don't try to solve it, instead transforming it into different forms and then assuming it solved.

It is the digital equivalent of the perpetual motion magnet motor, the motor always stops but the ideas don't.
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When the seatbelt sign goes on, that's when your cabin crew start sodomizing each other.

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GM. There is no alternative to
RT @WatcherGuru
Someone transferred $90,918,000 in and paid a fee of $0.39

That’s a transaction fee of 0.0000004289%

No government bank or third party had to verify the transaction, nor could they have STOPPED IT, if they wanted to.

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This "hacker conference", which could very easily fix on the BTC standard, or XMR, or any actual legit non-centralized bullshit fiat currency - instead they're miming CBDCs.

Get out of here, statist sycophants.
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@withjohnprice The system must have debt, but as an individual you can opt out.

Society is and will be full of Bitcoiners worth 8+ figures with no debt and extensive freedom.

They will be the capital allocators of the next 500 years.

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