@TallTim Indeed. we are now getting to the insidious point of what I call MITM attacks, which are AML/KYC procedures by bitcoin payment processors such as OpenNode. Today we lost OpenNode. If you're not hosting it yourself, you're open to attack by regulators. BTCPay - or any open self-hosted OpenSource is the only option.

BTCPayServer is up on Tor with LND, using Coldcard for the wallet setup, and already ready on our Woocommerce online shop. Going to try and set up a block explorer as well.

This place has grown A LOT since last time I was here (about a year or so ago).

Opendime, get.

Migrating slowly from Twitter.

Thanks for all our hard work: @nvk


For those that missed it.. @nvk bounced a BTC private key off the ionosphere using HF radio.

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