Right at this very moment - somewhere on this planet - is a group of technocrats absolutely *wetting* themselves at how fuggin stupid people are
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This is a joke, right?

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Politicians say we have no choice but to tax your hard earned income. No choice but to cut your promised benefits. No choice but to print money and devalue your savings. No choice but to send you to war. They say we have no choice.

But we do. Bitcoin.


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🔥 Fahrenheit 450° Books almost burning.

Look at this from eBay

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The vaccine passport is the means, the ends are the complete control of your money. They have been thinking for 30 years about how to bypass people's resistance to their money being controlled by a government-oligarchy partnership, & people are now falling straight in the trap..

It takes one to know one. Cheers, Dim🙏
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The road to stacking sats can be freaking rocky and treacherous. Enjoyed listening to my man @mtcbtc talk about the shortcuts and pitfalls of his own journey and what it truly takes to become a hodler. bit-buy-bit.com/podcast-1/epis

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At 2 pm PST today, I will do a live stream of my presentation previously given to high net worth investors and etoro club members. I find it necessary to understand money before understanding . Explain my $20 million target for (pre 2030): youtu.be/dC-9vGklRhI

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3 people have told me they found a place to get vaccinated like they won the lottery. Me👇

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I asked Lord Sumption if he feels sad, as a former SCJ, to now be condoning breaking the law?

"I feel sad that we have the kind of laws which public-spirited people may need to break... Some laws invite breach. I think this is one of them.”


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Read this. Then read it again. Probably a third time so it really sinks in. Got it? twitter.com/SGBarbour/status/1

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Laser eyes.🤖

The single most bearish factor I am presently considering for Bitcoin.

Unbridled enthusiasm + FOMO buying usually =s deep and/or long correction

Not only is it obnoxious, it is stupid

If you want the world to take $BTC seriously, then stop acting like children

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