Took some time off from social media.

Did everyone flock back to Twitter?

Meh, they'll be back when Jack shadow-bans every conservative thinker.

Besides, I'm loving the 500 characters.

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are like giant flash drives as hard drives.

On average 10 times faster (newer models) then mechanical hard drives.

Just pay $30 or so and get a 120GB one. You'll get your money's worth in speed.

Hard Drives need to go the way of the CRT Monitors and VHS Tapes.

Most Devs will not publicly admit, they lost the war before they even started.

Their best hope is to code good tech for an to fluff portfolios, then later submit their CV/Resumes to for employment.

holds 51.6% Dominance (CoinGecko) runner up is 13.2%. By the time altcoins consolidate their forces behind 3 or 4 main alts, LN would have made much of their user-base assimilate.

Lightning Network will emerge big time. Computer Tech is advancing at a rapid rate. Only a matter of time Lightning Network advances miles ahead of altcoins.

On-Chain will improved once LN is rock solid.

Does prune the blockchain or somehow combined many transactions into one? If the transactions are really old ect.

Heard there was some unheard of marketplace altcoin that did that during a hardfork of their blockchain.

Always use a decentralized exchange or transact in person. So many times have central crypto exchanges gone rogue. One guy lost 15k in on ShapeShift because he was using a VPN Service.

Don't let big exchanges five finger discount your ..

Starbucks is teaming up with Bakkt to take () as payment.

Who could pass up an a good frappe, right?

Dr. Craig Wright (CSW) is prime example of someone not rapped tight. His tactics are no different then a Communist or Nazi dictator.

Mass blocks and betrays his brothers for not being sycophant enough.

Tries to blacklist his critics from the BCash Community like he is their Stalin.

When BCash crashes to hopeless shitcoin levels ($0.25), Memo will still be around for bagholders to waste away their monopoly money.

Raise the blocksize morons need to get schooled. All does it JUST raise the blocksize to increase transactions per second.

Sure, Roger Ver just throw a V10 Engine into a Ford Taurus then lie and say it can haul stuff like a Ford Excursion or Ford F250 Pickup truck.

You can't just change one thing in and disregard improving the ecosystem as a whole.

didn't split into two. There is only one stable branch and one blockchain.

and there group of gullible fools feel for Roger Ver's FUD about "blocksize", "on-chain only". It's was no split but rather a small splinter group that forked off.

is a name stealing joke of a coin. Heck at least Betamax used a different name and tried to beat VHS. Hence Betamax lost with honor.

In there is no honor among thieves.

Just use () or Litecoin (LTC) as a backup. Don't waste time gambling on hopeless altcoins that have whales with insider knowledge calling the shots.

⚠️WARNING⚠️: the website dot com is a fraudulent portal designed to fool people into buying a shady alt-coin called . The malicious owners of the site will try to convince you that BCASH is Bitcoin. BCASH is NOT Bitcoin. Please be aware and spread this warning.

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