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@RayDalio 1/ I have elaborated on your concerns @RayDalio

"Since the way Bitcoin works is fixed, it won’t be able to evolve"

This is patently false. While is difficult to change for good reason, innovation in and around it are constantly upgrading and evolving the network.

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Ben Prentice @mrcoolbp is joining team WBD from March 1st as a producer.

I met Ben in a bar in Boston a while back, can’t wait to have him on board.

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Re: Discord banning wallstreetbets:

We just might be living in a world where multi-billion dollar hedge funds are hiring people to type "n̷͕̘͝i̵͖͋̆g̴̨̼̀g̴͎̜̀ê̷̡͉̅r̶̜̣͗" in chat channels in a desperate attempt to avoid bankruptcy. #cyberpunk

"We blocked all bad words with a bot, which should be enough, but apparently if someone can say a bad word with weird unicode icelandic characters and someone can screenshot it you don't get to hang out with your friends anymore."

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Phenomenal expansion of my overly dense comment on hard money serving as an index to global productivity. @pierre_rochard @PrestonPysh

@Xd53252458 deserves a follow for this!!
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@profplum99 I've slightly expanded on @breedlove22 post. This situation takes into account a world on a standard. The dynamic might change if e.g. China keeps citizens imprisoned in manipulated fiat to exploit them via soft form of …

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3/3 In the video, Ulrich describes that we left the gold standard for a reason & sees no reason to return to something similar

What he seems to miss is that has solved gold’s biggest shortcoming (portability) that lead to this - while improving on most other properties

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Well, I migrated off to my own self hosted Mastodon instance. 179 of 183 followers migrated over and when I imported my following list I am now following 216 of 221.

I setup the instance on a cheap VPS running Arch Linux, by installing from source via the official Mastodon guide. I would say setting up the server was intermediate difficulty. If you regularly setup Linux applications you'll be okay. If not I would recommend getting a pre-built instance.

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If you're the administrator of a Bitcoin related Mastodon/Pleroma instance, please add your instance to my relay. Follow the instructions on It should get you access to all instances on the list. Once you've followed, you'll get added to the list!
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Where possible, send your friends to a bitcoin only service/product so they're less likely to be tempted by the siren song of shitcoining. Also saves your effort too.

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OK so let's list out some of the bitcoin fediverse instances, here are some I know of, let me know the others I'm missing so I can shill Bitcoin Fedi on twitter:

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What can we do to increase PayJoin adoption? This is one great privacy tech that will be very important for helping bitcoin fulfil its potential as a permissionless money for the internet

Is @nvk blocking competitors or people he disagrees with? I was under the impression this server would only block illegal porn and the like. Do we need to find other servers?

JW makes some good points about the hub-and-spoke "decentralization" model. It's still ultimately better than Twitter for censorship resistance, but be aware instance owners have some power due to switching cost friction.

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Hey @bitcoinhackers, I was permanently banned on Twitter over the weekend and I refuse to create a new account.

Can you guys please boost this so I can find and reconnect with people, thanks!

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Imagine a future with an organization that:

- Oversees every transaction you make
- Controls where and how you can spend your money
- Can just take your money and use it as it wish

That’s the future central bankers plan, and you only have one alternative.  

Creeping Leftism is a symptom of the unsound money disease

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Don't forget, DMs on Mastodon have no guarantee of being private across different instances.

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When Bitcoin reached a new all time high last Friday its market cap was:

- Larger than the vast majority of the large cap stocks.
- Larger than all the stocks in the financial sector.
- Larger than Facebook and Alibaba.

Bitcoin is still on track to get its market cap larger than any mega cap stock.

To flip Apple we'll need one to trade above $120,000. Doable.

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Thinking of getting an Android device with pay-as-you-go data (non-KYC). Should be able to connect to WiFi. Should be untethered to Google store. Would like to run a Bitcoin full node (with indexed), would like to try F-droid.

How do I get started?

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