@ibz True. In reality the state is just the largest protection racket. Mafia. And controlled by other mafias who know how to manipulate "the state" mafia.

@ck_SNARKs Mmmm.. just had dinner, but I'm suddenly hungry. No fiat food for you.

@SanakTony Yes. Creeping communism/authoritarianism.

And there are still good people, but the country as a whole is failing. An enjoyable life but for how much longer?

Globalist leadership desires to send us all back to feudalism. "You will own nothing & be happy"

@SanakTony Poles defending free speech!

Poles remember what communism was like. Canadians are fucking clueless. We're living in the Soviet era in the West.

Your life would probably more free living in Poland today. Seriously.

@Francispouliot "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says any Canadian planning an international trip should cancel it.

Trudeau is warning that while Canadians have the right to travel, the government could at any time, and without warning, enforce new restrictions on travellers returning to Canada."

- Canadian Press (this morning)

@Hodlberry Use RaspiBolt (2 nodes) RaspiBlitz (1 node). RaspiBlitz is a quicker install. Superb docs with RaspiBolt. Both excellent! Use Electrum to connect HW wallets to full node. Been using Electrum for years.

@counterwill @nvk Was referring to the ignoring of drug/vitamin prophylaxis.

Masks/distancing/vaccine are considered the ONLY solutions.

@counterwill @nvk

This. But it is astounding how many otherwise intelligent people dismiss prophylaxis.

The fear porn has gotten to them I'm afraid. When does fear lose its grip?

Mastodon cannot be securely used with Tor since it cannot run as a native hidden service. If you do not use mastodon with a hosted vpn (such as mullvad) then both the server and @nvk can log your IP address. The server is a honeypot of personal info on bitcoiners including DMs. Be aware!

Due to an implementation bug, v3 onion services were experiencing instability earlier today.

A bug fix is on the way.

Everything else in Tor works fine even when the consensus is a few hours old, and v3 onion services should too.

You can learn more here: gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/core

And here: lists.torproject.org/pipermail

Okay, so Bitcoin Mastodon is exploding .... Nice.

@TopRoller The beatings shall continue until morale improves ...πŸ˜‚

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