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Google is using its massive vertical web presence to try to force us all into AMP.
Again, do not use AMP.

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Go watch ! It's an amazing and fun movie with an incredible strong ending.
Movie of the year for me!

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RT @[email protected]: Die Petition gegen Uploadfilter erreicht wohl heute noch ihr Ziel von 1 Mio.Da willste dabei gewesen


Looks like is a thing now!

Yesterday I used the NFC-enabled app from my fiat-bank to pay for fries and on the same day used a lightning app to pay a few cent to remove an online paywall

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Submarine Swaps are live on mainnet! Pay offchain lightning invoices using your onchain coins. Try it out. 🔁⚡✔️

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This is interesting. According to ING survey, 18% of Turks say that they own Bitcoin or similar digital currency, highest among surveyed nations.

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@nvk Dude, can we please stop with the dietary partisanship? Lots of vegans in bitcoin too, myself included. I really dgaf what other people eat.

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