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Diversifying into altcoins makes about as much sense as diversifying into different metals during the gold stardard.

"Let's get some brass, nickle and rhodium just in case"

Stick with .

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Fat, old, technocratic, control-freak pedophiles who grew up in homes completely devoid of love will literally create a global enslavement system instead of going to therapy

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Bitcoiners should be preparing themselves for full Bitcoin criminalization. This won't be an easy road

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doesn't need mass adoption.

The masses need to adopt

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If you think other cryptocurrencies have a limited supply, you’re wrong. Even if it’s in the code, the system is centralized enough that the rules can be changed.

That’s what sets Bitcoin apart: no one can change 21M.
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JUST IN: The @iearnfinance vote on expanding the supply of $YFI has ended. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of a fresh mint of 6,666 governance tokens.

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@statius unfortunately I don’t know better browser. I don’t care about devs political superstitions even if they are black racists or ISIS terrorists, browser is still fine for me)

@Vikingo to browse with Tor I use Firefox with FoxyProxy plugin (set checkbox “Send DNS through proxy”)

Installed Brave browser to try how it works. Opened New private window with Tor. Tested DNS leak - it showed my VPN IP. Deleted Brave browser

@mattodell @brianbishop I’ve already bought 5. I see there is ProtonAOSP for 5 though haven’t tried it yet

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Which is worse, the ECB being run by a convicted criminal or the IMF being run by a PhD from the Karl Marx Institute?

Trick question I think. Both show how corrupt the fiat system is.

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“Asking Millenials to build a top-down, hierarchical organization in order to operate is the same thing, to us, as asking who the president of the internet is. It's absurd... out of sync with who we are, with how we operate” - Pia Mancini, System Override

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if cash were invented today, it would be illegal

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