Bitcoiners are often insulted because "they're not working"
But many just work smartly & refuse the modern dictatorship to work for work's sake
They're using the rest of their time in a way that Classics would call "σχολή" in Greek & "Otium" in Latin

They were all noble activities like learning philosophy & sciences, physical activities, discussions & disputations

We can stretch the point further:
Socials could be the modern version of the agora. Where they discussed publicly important matters

@mir_btc bitcoiners don’t need to work, they have nocoiners working for them

@udiWertheimer I should stop spending my time convincing nocoiners

@mir_btc I was working limited hours, avoiding offices and ignoring most of the rat race long before I heard of Bitcoin. As did the lucky few Romans and Greeks who could afford to (most humans were slaves back then).

Part of it is luck (having the right skill set at the right time), but plenty of others have more skill and do work full time in dreadful jobs. So at least in part it's a choice.

@sjors I agree, it's partly a choice in most of the cases. Plus, bitcoin it's an unprecedented opportunity for many to have even more freedom of choice

@mir_btc Counterpoint: the Greeks had slaves.

Counter-counterpoint: We have machines.

I work so that I can keep stacking.

There may come a time when i need to live off my stack, but the longer I can delay that the better.

I look forward to a day when I don’t need to work for others. When I can contribute as I see fit.

I will never be insulted by this.

@mir_btc is there really people saying this? I think I never worked so hard than since I decided to work with bitcoin

@Sosthene yup. See Amy Castor some days ago. Really depends on the definition of work and free time... Or whatever. Best use of my time since bitcoin

@mir_btc ah, Amy Castor, of course...

I guess something can only qualify as "work" as long as you wouldn't do it if someone else wasn't paying you for doing it. Amy is not wrong then: we don't really work since we're doing stuff for ourselves because we want to, and that sometimes other people agree to give us money for doing the same stuff.

But what matters is that we still do many more meaningful things than Amy Castor.

@mir_btc @Sosthene Wow, what a turdtastic take. I had no idea who this person is and now I regret asking.

@kekcoin @mir_btc she's one of the few retards that said "bitcoins are not scarce because they are infinitely divisible"

You can safely forget you ever heard about her

@Sosthene @kekcoin @mir_btc
correct strategy.
Unfortunately they are only the first and anticipating IMO what future critics will say abt bitcoin. This is why I check from time to time their retarded words. And it's painful AF 😆

@mir_btc @kekcoin it feels more like some kind of dos attack, their takes are so retarded than most of the times you can't just refute it simply and will end up consuming a lot of energy arguing with those morons, like Coppola that has been producing nonsense like industrial sausages for years. The best strategy is still to totally starve them off of attention, that's also what's the most likely to hurt them.

@mir_btc @kekcoin @Sosthene I banned her. It is so sad that people in power have so liittle intellect and so much contempt.

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