Time to use Mastodon for real!

@karozagorus LOL, ok. Trying' a little bit at the moment :D

@mir_btc I don't even know why I am even trying, it's boring af its like I'm in a town filled up with invading tumbleweeds

@karozagorus @mir_btc i like it, reminds me of the old days. got that new internet smell.

@karozagorus @mir_btc It's not designed to be the addictive drug that proprietary social media platforms are.

@verretor @mir_btc @karozagorus Oh there's still plenty of sources of propaganda on here. It's just in your own hands to curate your information feed, rather than it being fed to you through some inscrutable Algorithm.

@verretor @mir_btc @kekcoin @karozagorus bitcoinhackers might be small but the fediverse at large is pretty active. is seeing a new wave of refugees right now. Be the change you want to see, promote it during this time of increasing crackdowns.

BTC people should be all about this stuff and it's embarrassing they're still stuck on proprietary/centralized platforms.

@milo @czino @mtc @thatzenboi don't worry HFSP blocks come here in a bit longer intervals lol 😂

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@fluffy @karozagorus @kekcoin @mir_btc @verretor I don't know, a good amount. If I had to guess probably 100+ depending if you count people who have made a post or just registered in confusion.

@verretor @mir_btc @karozagorus Oh and above all; no censorship. Sure, some instances have outright blocked, but that doesn't stop this place from working or federating with other instances that don't block it. Freedom of speech and freedom of association in perfect harmony.

@kekcoin @mir_btc @karozagorus I don't even know what the instances that blocked us are. I don't think they realize the value of censorship resistance.

Like, what's the point of using an instance that censors people when there are others that don't?

@verretor @mir_btc @karozagorus Eh, a federated network is in certain ways a more risky place to operate in than a centralized platform. For example, you just "edited" that toot (by deleting & re-drafting). There are servers out there that are configured not to respect deletion requests. If you accidentally doxxed yourself in the original toot, that information is now undeletable.

@verretor @mir_btc @karozagorus It can make sense for an instance to block such known "bad actors". But of course the blocking tool is more general and has been used for social reasons as well.

@kekcoin @karozagorus @mir_btc Just give it a little time. Most BT folks will move over here. Or do you guys have any alternatives?

@mir_btc Yup. I'm keeping this tab up. I think it's gonna stick this time! Yay!

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