FUD around and how it's bad can only increase over time because they're the sum of previous FUD repeated all over again (even if continuously debunked)
new stupid FUD (linked to random new not related topics that could scare people)

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Centuripe Citadel, Italy 📍
Once, one of the richest city of Sicily, Roman Empire. Now it can be home for 'ners.

"An Open Letter To The Nigerian Government: Pursue A Bitcoin Standard"

Great & important reading by @RussellOkung


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Now that is locked in, full focus on getting enabled!

My kid can't remember a world without masks.

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@linaseiche Good girls become good toxic bitcoiners. I saw the same happen to @mir_btc in

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The country of El Salvador gets all the attention as being the first country to adopt , but it’s important to know that there is a small team, in a small village, that sparked all this. Those people don’t get the recognition they deserve. This thread brings more context.

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Great minds discuss Bitcoin.
Average minds discuss bitcoin.
Small minds discuss Bitcoiners.

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Don't understand what Taproot lock-in means and at this point you're too afraid to ask?

Here's a thread with all my Taproot and Taproot activation articles so far 👇

We're in good hands.
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[ALERT] A forum on the DeepWeb has posted a post selling COVID-19 vaccination data of 7.4 Million Italians.

🟩🟩 Sex is great but what about the mathematical certainty that we'll have locking in tomorrow? 🟩🟩

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With block 687284 signalling for taproot, there are 1815 signalling blocks in the currency difficulty period.

Taproot will activate in block 709632, somewhere in November 2021.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

See you all at @anyprevout.

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3️⃣ blocks to go.

is a weapon of mass construction.

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4️⃣ more blocks.

“I want you to understand what it means to lose your freedom.”
-- Ross Ulbricht


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6️⃣ blocks left.

Craig Wright is a fraud.
We are all @Hodlonaut.

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Guys, just to clarify:
today we will NOT have the activation of Taproot.
Actually we won't even have the lock in!
We will be sure that the lock in will happen in this difficulty period (ending in 189 block ~ tomorrow/the day after that).
For Taproot activation see you in Nov.

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