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Any native speakers, who'd like to proof-read my learnbitcoin.link (L)earn Bitcoin book as volunteers?

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Politicians, normies and MSM-pundits call "Virtual Money", but it is actually the VERY OPPOSITE of that!

Bitcoin is really a huge step in the process of (RE-)DE-VIRTUALIZATION of Money!

The process of money virtualization had already started very long ago.

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Found something in an old laptop bag

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@Myname_H_7_25 @AnonSatoshy @federico_rivi Eh lo so, purtroppo le informazioni valide sono spesso difficili da trovare. Per fortuna ci sono alcuni progetti che cercano di raggruppare tutte queste informazioni. Un esempio è la lista di risorse btc in italiano creata da @mir_btc

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✨ Nick Szabo explaining why it took decades to create a decade ago

Fake @giacomozucco writing me on telegram
My answer could be only a LOLing banana

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🧵👇3 steps for a good 🥷

Step 1)🔑Hide your private keys.
Step 2)🪪 Hide connections between your fiat ID and each of your public keys.
Step 3)🌐Hide connections among all your different public keys.

More details👇:

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5 years ago today the New York Agreement was proposed by 50+ companies at Consensus 2017. It intended to end Bitcoin’s scaling debate by activating Segregated Witness and then hard forking to double the block size. The next 6 months were super fun. 🙃dcgco.medium.com/bitcoin-scali

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💥 5 years ago today, 50 startups tried to force a change to the code and failed.

By users, for users, forever ✨

Sono sempre più orgogliosa della mia LISTA RISORSE IN ITALIANO 🇮🇹 in costante crescita.

Cresce grazie al vostro contributo in PR, cresce perché sempre di più é una realtà presente nel nostro belpaese e in italiano.

Ad maiora! 💫


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Sarà un mese caldo 🔥 unitevi ad Apollo discord.gg/T2cCetqkAH
@RiccardoMasutti @btcintheclub @HostFat @giacomozucco @Rikki6ixx @mir_btc @AlpsSrl

4 years ago...
I was doing the same 🤣

I should start a format:
"bitcoin videos while almost delivering a baby"

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So it turns out it’s not just impossible for the world’s most powerful police state to ban Bitcoin use — it’s also impossible for it to ban Bitcoin mining

Life finds a way ⛏

Just a quick reminder:
Lightning Network already works today

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Plenty of bitcoin whales are uninterested in defending the principles that give the network its value. They would happily compromise them for financial gain.

Thankfully Bitcoin is not Proof of Stake and has demonstrated that whales who attempt to subvert consensus will get rekt.

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@DigPerspectives @SBF_FTX "failing" isn't accurate. it's early and will take time. someone has to start and learn what it's going to take for more adoption.

POW is necessary for bitcoin. for security, reliability, and removing single points of failure. POS is a single point of failure and won't scale.

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