There's always a reason why I can't move my own money especially on my cards...
I guess because those are their money and their cards.

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Our very first conversation was about:

- religion
- rebels
- internet bills

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Actually we even met other times before as kids but without interacting.
If you exclude that video of Giacomo trying to dance around me during a party. He tried but I was too giant and I literally didn't notice him.

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I've created a LIST of my favourite resources in ITALIAN 🇮🇹:

books, services, articles, guides, meetups...

If you have some Italian friend who wants to learn about bitcoin but language is a barrier, this list is for them!

here's the link:
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Ho creato una LISTA delle mie RISORSE preferite su in ITALIANO 🇮🇹

da libri, video, articoli, servizi.…

Ho creato una LISTA delle mie RISORSE preferite su in ITALIANO 🇮🇹

da libri, video, articoli, servizi...

È una lista in evoluzione su github per accogliere eventuali pull request al volo.

Aggiunte, correzioni e RT sono i benvenuti!

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Twitter is launching Lightning Network tipping options for iOS users.

adoption is growing at a lightning fast pace.

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Every weekday, we feature one of the best videos, podcasts, or articles from the history of Bitcoin.

Retweet this post for a chance at 1 million sats!

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"In the sciences, the authority of thousands of opinions is not worth as much as one tiny spark of reason in an individual man."

-- Galileo Galilei

Eating a tomahawk by the bone and shocking some random walking snowflakes: done ✅

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In '14/15, when working at a VC based out of Italy, I met @LarryBitcoin and @giacomozucco who were building GreenAddress.

I told the firm to invest in GA and buy €250k of $BTC.

Today they would have made $25M just out of bitcoin..but they passed, so I resigned shortly after.

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@ecb @Lagarde @Isabel_Schnabel @FrankElderson We are pleased to present a photo of (a really small part of) the Executive Board in its current composition. Here’s the team, from left to right:
a bitcoin node, a bitcoin node, a bitcoin node, a bitcoin node, a bitcoin node, a bitcoin node, a bitcoin node, a bitcoin node etc.

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CBDC crap escalated quickly.

That's why we need with all its properties (decentralized, independent, self-sovereign) and not just a "cryptocurrency".

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Hello twitter. @Jack decided to nuke my account. I will try to refollow everyone again, please those who remember me and had followed me before, follow me back. RIP my dms with the OGs. I will appreciate all your help to help me build back my content feed. @CryptOrca 🙏🏾

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Absolute agenda highlight not to be missed, our fantastic female leaders of bitcoin panel with legends:

A guarantee for fun insights & inspiration 🔥

Join us at

When they ask me:
"What's the best way to get new people in ?"
I reply:
"Create and grow little bitcoiners"

With the awareness that you're growing little freedom fighters and it's not going to be easy as parents
Expect to be challenged every day, and being ok with that
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I love when bitcoiners have kids.

Bitcoiner kids will be some of the most principled, influential, talented, value oriented, loyal,…

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It's time for a thread.
My latest piece for @bitcoinmagazine is the epitome of an "unpopular truth". Yes. Truth.

Bitcoin are The Remnant.
The masses don't matter.
Neither does "mass adoption" or any of that PC bullshit.
I hope this challenges you

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@heyitsmarjo I completely get your point, it's scary AF and I've always wondered why people still make children during wars.
but now I get it: kids are just pure light.
They can give you more hope, strength & meaning that you ever experienced because you want a better world for them

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