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is everything people don’t know about computers, combined with everything they don’t know about money.” - @kiarabickers

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@mir_btc Apparently unit bias is very real. You often can't buy fractions of a share. But its probably more psychological harder to get gratification collecting things, when you have a fraction. Aspirations good, no incremental reward from collection target hitting, bad.

"I can't afford at this point"

And even if you try to explain divisibility, the fact that you can buy a small fraction, dollar cost averaging strategies...
Nothing seems to convince some nocoiners.

This misconception seems even stronger than the tech barrier.

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@mir_btc "This thing—is it a virus, a drug, or a religion?" Mir shrugs. "What's the difference?"

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8 yo: I'm worried I'm a nerd.

Me: There's nothing wrong with being a nerd. I'm a nerd.

8 yo: That makes me even more worried.

They asked me if I have a twitter content plan for my personal account.

Absolutely no, I'm just random posting.

But I think about almost all day long and I tend to relate everything else to it (I guess it's a sort of a disease but I'm ok)

My dream is super small individual citadels decentralized and connected at the same time.
Cc @BitcoinCitadel_ (Slovenia & Norway)

At this point, the only reasonable and sane people I know are all bitcoiners.

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You don't need to be a developer to contribute to the open source community.

- Donate
- Educate
- Translate
- Use the tools ™️
- Help with testing
- Provide feedback
- Request features
- File bug reports
- Start a meet up
- Offer community support

Get amongst it!

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A CoinJoin is just a bitcoin transaction where multiple people provide inputs and receive outputs.

It's a basic transaction type, not a mysterious dangerous act.

I remember when Lightning was just an idea.
Look how far we've come. 🥲
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There's now 1,100 on the Lightning Network.


After years, it still corrects me 😠

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Nocoiners: sucks because you can't purchase things & services with it.

Bitcoiners: actually, it's cool that hyperbitcoinization is still not a thing, so stacking & holding are easier.

There's a national curfew since October.

And so on and on.

I don't have the strength anymore to keep me updated.

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Of course, now it's better than the last spring, but at the same time it seems there's no end.

We still have to wear the masks indoor & outdoor all the time
They're changing the rules from day & night putting us in different areas where you wonder if you can do normal stuff.

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