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Asking because i've been in many ungoverned universes and almost everytime it became impossible to see anything through the spam. Here feels great and i wonder how it's done.

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So honest question, how does it work if someone starts spamming the shit out of the feed every half second and render it unreadable? What is the structure? People report the post and after a number of reports it automatically activates or there is human oversight?

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4,341,572 accounts
+245 in the last hour
+3,922 in the last day
+48,008 in the last week

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Friendly reminder to setup 2fa all al that Jazz

What does the federated feed do? Everyone asks that all the time i'm sure?

So many new faces that are usually buried too, so fresh.

So when is the right time to talk about the edit button?

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Yesterday, I thought I'd take crack at giving Mastodon - another try. Two quick tips for Twitter users:

1) Install Birdsite - so you can cross post to Twitter & Mastodon

2) Use Twidere - so you can see both your Twitter feed and Mastodon feed mixed in together

At least for me, this is a good transitionary step.

What we really need right now is a self-healing wi-fi mesh network.

It needs to be properly incentivized with a competitive market structure to permit exchange of critical packets of encrypted data against satoshis.

We need it for critical messaging and Bitcoin.

This app needs a hover-over follow button asap

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Best guide for running your own mastodon instance?

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Does Vegeta memes still work on Mastodon? Can't leave those behind for sure

So i guess this is basically the FF right here

Bitcoin Mastodon

Bitcoin Maston Instance