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@fluxdev I think open source blockchain based election system could help the situation. If you can verify your vote is counted, change it on the fly and see the count change, with your identifier on the public list. May instill some confidence back.

I think an open source election system is needed for the next one, maybe start working on that if you have free time.

I came in for the money, i stayed for the entertainment

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The great things about Mastodon in my eyes:
✅ There is an end to the tootstream. Visit the site, look at new stuff, and then it ends. Great.
✅ No algorithms
✅ No dark patterns aimed at you spending more and more time on the site
✅ Delete-and-redraft is a great feature
✅ Typing emoji with `:` - notation

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@htimsxela Seems like the layers help, interesting solution to an historic challenge.

@htimsxela Surprisingly orderly to be honest, i was expecting full blown chaos trollbox madness with blinking lights quite frankly

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pixel width: 8.119132276440216e-06

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My first toot. Bitcoin is the ultimate marshmallow test.

@kekcoin Thank you for taking the time to explain sir, much appreciated!

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@minnow The last one is the most spammy but also the most interesting to find new content. You can mute/block other accounts or even entire servers, to filter out the stuff you don't care about.

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@minnow There's different levels of what you can see. Home = posts/boosts by the people you follow. Local timeline = posts by people on this instance (there's rules against spam here so yeah, an obvious spammer would get yeeted). Federated timeline = posts that this instance knows of, e.g. because someone from here follows the person who posted/boosted it.

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