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Fees are lower, eh?

Time to open some lightning channels ⚡

The rule is: when two or more cars arrive simultaneously at the crossing, the one who has nobody to their right side goes first.
(for right-driving countries)
Still, wave for good life

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@minnow looks great. Actually this needs to be a focus for the community before ISP’s start blocking everything.


Have you seen this mesh network solution for Bitcoin?

Can't wait to see what a 10k bounce back looks like

Would be great to have a "Go to top" button on the Federated feed scrollbar too

@eatoutfrom5lbs Can't even tell if i'm following the people i interact with unless i go to their profile. It's going to get better soon no doubt.

@eatoutfrom5lbs I'll take it, anything but this multi page process really

The follow process could be improved on here really.

Right-click-follow or hover-follow.

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Normative   - it cannot exist. Bitcoin is fair already - the argument against its “fairness” is the aggregation to a few people. But the whole mechanism of the price will be to regulate this.
As price rises, more people will be incentivized to purchase goods with their Bitcoin. This will in turn disperse the Bitcoin to those providing value to be exchanged. So the incentive of price will draw these HODL’d coins into an organic economy of Bitcoin - a Bitcoin Standard.

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@fluxdev @Zachary_BTC Here's hoping for some betterment. Smarter people than me will come up with something, chaos and order will continue to dance.

@fluxdev You are right, so for now the only options left are either a self-proclaimed King Ruler, or Rogue Tribes until faith in a voting system can be forged. This is going to take a while...

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