I think an open source election system is needed for the next one, maybe start working on that if you have free time.

Look into ThreeBallot and systems based off it.

The issue with any voting system is who distributes the ballots.

Hate to inform you, but the USA is GONE. It isn't coming back, bar mass civil disobedience.

@fluxdev I think open source blockchain based election system could help the situation. If you can verify your vote is counted, change it on the fly and see the count change, with your identifier on the public list. May instill some confidence back.

Blockchain for voting is a silly idea.

The issue is still who gets to vote. How do you prevent Sybil from voting many times?

If the State controls the ballots, they control the vote. It is that simple.

You now have lunatics running the asylum. Do you think they're going to play fair ever again?


@fluxdev You are right, so for now the only options left are either a self-proclaimed King Ruler, or Rogue Tribes until faith in a voting system can be forged. This is going to take a while...

The solution is to simply opt-out. Use black markets whenever possible. Detach your bitcoin from your identity. Don't declare your full earnings and avoid paying all taxes you can avoid. The system can only operate on a supply of stealing people's money - this is why is an absolute necessity to fix anything.

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