Told a CFO to buy bitcoin, he said it went to 40k+ and crashed to 30k so what?

It’s sad that people look at numbers and not at censorship resistant money that stores your energy. It’s a fucking startup that is disrupting money and the financial services industry and that runs alone where people contribute to the protocol and where bad actors are thrown out. We have skin in the game.

You look at numbers and price things in debased currency whereas we look at first principles and price in sats.

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@minimalist 1/2 Best mate is chief adviser to the CFO of major public listed company. Told him all about bitcoin over a few beers, he's an open minded guy and said it sounded interesting and that he might get into it. He never did, that was 2016.

@minimalist 2/2 Caught up with him just after the recent uptick from 30 - 40K. Said he was spewing that he didn't buy after our most recent bitcoin conversation, (which *he* brought up once again) early Dec 2020 as he would be up 10K.
He's probably thinking he's back to even right now.
Still hasn't bought 😂 😂

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