Get paid straight from the coinbase transaction! I still think this is very awesome!
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Our pool doesn’t to payouts, the network does. .. you know, like actually mining a proof of work blockchain. $BTC

My mind is quite blown by this. Why don't all coinbase transactions look like this?!
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@artdesignbysf @laurentiapool @Diverter_NoKYC Lol likely a number of reason they don't likely, for control of coins, profits, etc.

This is a ckpool blockfind from his pool prior. Can compare the 141 coinbase outputs to any other blockfind and see the difference between them.

Working on a new design for @laurentiapool Mining Pool together with @JacksonDMiller, @ckpooldev and @minefarmbuy too.

Work in Porgress but progressing steadily.

Any miners out there, go check out their site at
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Peer driven, not just in model but in practice. @ckpooldev @minefarmbuy @artdesignbysf @JacksonDMiller $BTC

We’re the dicks that will sell 10k of these things and not require you to mine our pool.

Server, code, networking, and payout by Con "ck" Kolivas. Client services by @minefarmbuy.

Brb, investing in glass window repair and manufacturing.

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