Been 2 years since I’ve logged in, but twitter’s turning to shit so...

@miketwenty1 @mikeinspace the rules say no shitcoin shilling. If you have a problem then direct it to Nvk. You can own shitcoins. Just don’t talk about them here. That’s it. We ask for that respect.

@mikeinspace @miketwenty1 no prob Mike. You still doing videos. That shit was funny

@hanakookie @miketwenty1 thank you, but no. They were too much work. Now I do a podcast occasionally.

@mikeinspace @hanakookie
on another note.. mike..

Nothing in here on Rules about not shilling shitcoins.. you're ok to conduct business as normal here.

@miketwenty1 @mikeinspace posted directly from nvk. Check his timeline from 2 yrs ago

@hanakookie @mikeinspace
Ohh interesting.. so he just posted the "rules" there's actually a section for a mastodon instance to set "server rules" and his rules are blank and just point to the TOS.

@miketwenty1 @mikeinspace well at the time there was only 50 of us. He wanted to make it clear. We ackd

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