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For those of you around the GA area we have ribs and cake tomorrow celebrating Bitcoin's birthday. Roughly 50 or so people expected to come. Come at your own peril. :bitcoin:

looking forward to
0.14.2-beta of LND.

Specifically with the disk faults and better support for postgres

Guys seriously check out the line up for

in person event, no masks or vax required. If you are outside of usa good luck coming to the conference!

If you are participating in the hackathon you get a discount, hit me up.

Love you all!

There are basically two options to build on : You either accept and adhere to mostly nonsensical regulation (even worse: preemptive compliance) or you embrace its cryptoanarchic nature and confront all of that legacy bs which Bitcoin is supposed to obsolete.

"Indians must have no confusion about how we reached impressive Covid herd immunity"

tl;dr: covid just isn't that deadly, and has spread very widely in India. Other diseases like TB kill many more people, and the population correctly recognized the low risk. Based on antibody testing, there's probably 50+ undetected infections in India for every known case.

Case numbers have been dropping since Sept for the simple reason that herd immunity is real.

Sad to find out out of of the 100 some odd people.. assange, ulbricht, nor snowden were pardoned.

"Ethereum Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin: ‘Parler Has a Right to Exist,’ Apple, Google, Amazon Denying Access to ‘Common Infrastructure’"

You'd expect Vitalik to say that, given how dependant ETH is on Amazon AWS.

@nvk @k3tan are you going to block other instances that don't follow your tos?

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