If anyone is looking to run their own Mastodon server it doesn't get simpler than using a @start9labs Embassy. Took 2 clicks to set-up. I'm running my own instance here: zaxknw3wesw7lkrkzld56adwtbfvig

You're gonna love this! I've partnered with the Billfodl guys to bring you something really special!

The   White Paper on high-quality metal. With an almost mirror-like, black finish this 20x30" plaque will be an instant showstopper in any room.


Use promocode: MIKEINSPACE for 5% off any PrivacyPros product.

@artdesignbysf @vakeraj I was too lazy to setup a Gox account (fortunately). They wanted a drivers license scanned or something. So I was relegated to buying Bitcoin on LocalBitcoins at inflated prices.

Yay we made it to the fediverse blocklist without a single instance of anything that would offend even a woke person. The bar is low these days ooooof


Any reason why notifications tend to come in slow? I tend to have to reload the page just to see that there are notifications.

@Boozhoo I understand they stopped developing for it, but once you had it set-up, what prevented you from just letting it continue to run?

@Boozhoo yeah that sucks. I bought a Start9Labs Embassy which was about half the price as CASA and works well. LN support among other things.

@hanakookie @miketwenty1 anchor.fm/greatminds it’s just a normal boring podcast.

@hanakookie @miketwenty1 thank you, but no. They were too much work. Now I do a podcast occasionally.

Super-secret project I’m collaborating on. Stay tuned...

@miketwenty1 @hanakookie people accuse me of this all the time and yet I’ve never shilled a shitcoin. Ever. It’s very strange.

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