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Good meet tonight in London with Chris Belcher and @sjors talking about Electrum Personal Server and Core with hardware wallets (so very similar topic, two slightly different angles). Thanks to the tireless @michaelfolkson for organizing against. Next month will be @alc about if I understand right.

Answer to the usual Q: yes, it'll be on youtube ;)


Here's a twitter thread I wrote a few months back on discovering an interesting old presentation doc written by Maxwell/Wuille a few years ago (it's linked in the first tweet):

It covers a lot of these concepts. I think v. helpful to get a clearer idea of how BTC both does, and should, work.

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@antanst @michaelfolkson

Not really I think.
Another recommendation is to watch one of Andrew Poelstra's recent talks, all of which (except one about bulletproof technicals) have been about scriptless scripts, and he tends to elucidate a similar set of ideas. The one in Boston is a good choice I think:

@antanst @michaelfolkson

This old post from Greg Maxwell is actually a critique of Ethereum's approach, but it's kind of talking about similar things. Rather interesting:

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