I've "soft signaled" No on BIP 119. I don't think the research and use case implementations are sufficiently mature and we should have higher standards as a community before we even consider the months of work that it takes to safely activate a soft fork.


Thanks for voicing your opinion regarding this. I don't have the technical understand to know whether CTV will bring value to the #Bitcoin protocol but I have felt that there is a rather cavalier attitude regarding its activation like it is assumed by Jeremy that it will be activated. I was nervous about taproot activation even through I knew it was worked on for years by many prominent developers.

Is there support to activate CTV in the short term?

@lizard @lizard There are some soft signals being collected by Jeremy that could end up being used deceptively. It is basically just people expressing enthusiasm for the concept (which I share longer term) but may end up being used to justify an imminent contentious soft fork activation attempt.


This certainly does feel deceptive. The only 2 big names I see are Lopp and Roast Beef. Some of the names are people that I would consider antithetical to #Bitcoin including Charlie Lee, Fluffpony and Eric Wall. They are known by Bitcoiners but I wouldn't call them friends of Bitcoin. Jeremy seems to be trying to leverage big names to push his agenda.


I have to assume that the long time big name Core developers are both extremely conservative with consensus changes and fatigued from taproot activation and unlikely to have an appetite for another major change so soon. I know #Bitcoin doesn't have leaders but the reality is the big name Core contributors have enough clout to shut this down or slow it to a reasonable speed. Jeremy can live with that or fork off.

None the less, it is good that you are sounding the alarm.

@lizard Agreed. I will be very happy if this gets shut down for the moment. It is not how I planned to spend 2022 engaging in a block size war style s***post contest.

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