How can I follow a user on another instance, if their instance's web interface doesn't have a follow button? :/

Did you try putting in their name in your search box? It maybe comes up with a follow button next to the results.

@alanturing Yeah, it showed nothing. :(

@[email protected] to be specific

(No, my instance does not block GAB, so that shouldn't be an issue)

@lukedashjr @alanturing Gab defederated itself. We can't work with them anymore.

@verretor @alanturing @JTR21 So in other words, GAB are hypocrites who got mad at others blocking them, but then they went and blocked literally everyone else...

Sigh. Are there any other reliable non-Bitcoin non-censoring servers I can recommend to people?

@verretor @lukedashjr @alanturing @JTR21 I'm not sure you really want 0% censorship. If someone were to start promoting shitcoin scams on, posting every minute of the day, would you not moderate that?

There are plenty of instances that don't censor much, and with Mastodon you can also migrate your account between instances without losing your social graph, in case you're unhappy on the one you chose first.

Here's a list of some popular instances:

@raucao @verretor @alanturing @JTR21 joinmastodon only lists servers that censor reasonable things, last I checked

@lukedashjr @verretor @alanturing @JTR21 That may be (mostly) true. But I think e.g. isn't one of them and still listed there as the #1 tech-related instance.

@raucao @verretor @alanturing @JTR21 "You must be...a S.T.E.M. student or professional to join our server." kinda excludes a lot of people unfortunately.

Besides, their rules indicate they do in fact censor reasonable things too. ("homophobic speech will not be tolerated" plus a vague condemnation of "hate speech")

@lukedashjr @raucao @verretor @alanturing

After the Reddit debacle, it is important to never join a service with an ambiguous set of rules.

"Homophobic" is not clearly defined, nor is "hate speech." That means: we remove whatever contradicts our personal narrative.

Fuck these people. They're liars.

@amerika @alanturing @lukedashjr @verretor They are not liars. You just disagree with them on what you find reasonable. Every community has its limits, including your "free speech extremist" instance.

@raucao @amerika @alanturing @verretor What is unreasonable about a blanket rejection of all non-procreative sexual activity? (I'm not asking if or why you don't agree, I'm asking where it is lacking in *reason*)

@lukedashjr @alanturing @verretor I think that's the wrong question. The question is what your community finds reasonable in regards to you encroaching on others' freedoms, like their right to choose sexual partners. If you are not tolerant of their sexuality, then why should they be tolerant of your opinion on it?

@lukedashjr @raucao @alanturing @verretor Exactly, live and let live. I just hope other more conservative minded folks will still live by that mantra once they become dominant again. While I can live with their disapproval I really don't fancy being prosecuted or killed for liking guys 😩

@sebx2a @lukedashjr @raucao @alanturing @verretor That's what the left wing Big Tech censorship brigade morons don't get. Setting the precedent for what is acceptable for whenever a right wing, extreme right wing leader gets into power again. This strategy only works if you establish a one party state (which it seems they are trying to do)

@michaelfolkson @sebx2a @lukedashjr @raucao @alanturing @verretor They're so impatient that they're going for this strategy prior to gun confiscation.

@pete @michaelfolkson @sebx2a @raucao @alanturing @verretor Gun confiscation is impossible. They don't know what guns exist, or who has them. And now we have the ability to 3D print guns - hopefully abusive governments that have already confiscated will lose control soon too.

@michaelfolkson @pete @sebx2a @raucao @alanturing @verretor No, it isn't. Gun ownership and carrying is a fundamental human right, which government has no authority to criminalise. Attempts to do so, are no different from a random mugger disarming you by force.


@lukedashjr @pete @sebx2a @raucao @alanturing @verretor I'm speaking from the UK where we don't have that fundamental human right. I am not discussing its ethics, just whether it is legally possible.

@MrHodl @michaelfolkson @pete @sebx2a @raucao @alanturing @verretor All legitimate authority comes from God, no matter the circumstances under which it came about.

Denying people their right to own guns, is never part of that legitimate authority.

@michaelfolkson @pete @sebx2a @raucao @alanturing @verretor Fundamental human rights, including this one, are UNIVERSAL.

The UK simply oppresses you. They have no legitimate authority to deny you your right to keep and bear a gun.

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