@harding Did you see this Reddit thread? It sounds like you wouldn't be able to do what you propose with the current BOLT 3 Lightning scripts? reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/

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@harding The more I look into Schnorr/Taproot/Miniscript, the more I think it is fascinating, brilliant and extremely useful on the base layer but the benefits to Lightning seem limited in comparison.

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@harding Greater benefits to Lightning could potentially become later e.g. cross input signature aggregation, NOINPUT or ANYPREVOUT from sighash changes. But for now limited wins for Lightning. (Of course wins for base layer are no less valuable than wins for Lightning especially if they could lead to Lightning wins in future)

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@michaelfolkson I'd expect musig/schnorr/taproot to reduce onchain channel costs by half or more. That seems pretty significant to me. Miniscript can help cleanly separate the program that manages the LN protocol bits from the wallet that stores and signs with private keys, making it easier to use things like hardware wallets for keeping your hot LN funds safe. That also seems pretty significant to me. There's also much improved fungibility by making cooperative open/close look like P2PK.
@michaelfolkson Yeah, but I don't think that's a fundamental issue---lots of things currently in the works for LN will require changing the various scripts, so they just need to ensure those future scripts are miniscript compatible.
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