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Unlikely to get funding from normal channels after Taproot activation (apparently I lost "social capital" and was a "troublemaker") but if you appreciate my efforts I have a GitHub sponsors page and a Bitcoin address on my GitHub profile. It was always going to be messy, I was just prepared to roll my sleeves up and take flak when others weren't.

There's still plenty of work to be done - the checklist on lays out the steps to BIP 118 activation - but the last PR at least is fairly lightweight in terms of LoC to review. Dig into it at !

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Transcript of @rusty discussing improving the Lightning Network on the Wasabi podcast with @maxhillebrand. Some interesting Lightning and privacy conversation (in addition to many other topics)

On the off chance that any Joinmarket users are reading here, if you happen to run off master, there was a commit 4 days ago that made tumbler re-use change addresses in some cases; so update immediately because I fixed that bug.

#joinmarket #bitcoin

Considering the lies Dorsey said of banning the right I feel sick hearing him speak so much of freedom and decentralisation.

I would post the link to the video rather than linking to Twitter but I don't have the video link

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Respect to this lady. Censorship resistant money and censorship of speech. Square that circle

A tale of two IRC networks:

#Freenode: kicked us out of our channels, harassed one of our ops on their home page, made supposedly "draft" policy changes to permit hate speech

#LiberaChat: participated in *our* forum to address questions about governance and non-profit structure and asked for feedback on improvements: <>

Hmm 🤔

The #-activation channel on Freenode is moving to #-activation on Libera.

What is going on with Libera -core-dev @orionwl?

[09:42:02] gribble kicked laanwj from the channel (>_>)

If you're using for IRC, I suggest registering the same nickname on

Typically as follows:
* connect to port 6697 (TLS)
* set your nickname: /nick hodl
* register it: /msg NickServ register PASSWORD [email protected]
* do what the confirmation email says

Normally I find the price the least interesting part of Bitcoin. But I am intrigued how long it takes to recover from this crash. My guess would be a lot of corporate treasuries dipping a toe in will be scared off for a while by this crash. Who knows though, could just as easily rebound overnight. No one (including me) knows apart from the whales manipulating the market.

I think Musk is doing the classic Silicon Valley misdirection: buying up Bitcoin while promoting anything but Bitcoin. But can you imagine if he bet the future of Tesla on Dogecoin? That would be hilarious 😂

Trust the UK government as much as I trust the local drug dealer though 😂

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Due to have Covid vaccine in next few weeks. Personally I think the (low) risk of an experimental vaccine is greater than the (very low) risk of suffering complications from Covid for someone my age. But at the moment I feel like I'm going to succumb due to travel restrictions, vaccine passports etc. I'd much rather wait for 2-3 years until more data is in on the vaccine though.

Can't believe Bitcoin is over. It was Dogecoin all along. How did I get it so wrong?

Don't go smoke weed on Joe Rogan kidz. You'll end up thinking AI poses an existential threat and that the only problem with BCH was it didn't have a cute dog logo.

Can't believe Bitcoin is over. It was Dogecoin all along. How did I get it so wrong?

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