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PSA - Bitcoin dot org has been compromised.

The hackers' giveaway scam address has received over $17,800 worth of from 9 transactions.

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⚛️I made my own Quantum Random Number Generator.

It uses radioactive decay to generate entropy for seeds.

I used:
- Americium 241 from a Smoke Detector
- RaspberyPi
- Geiger counter
- Audio interface.

Entropy is what makes a bitcoin your bitcoin.


Bitcoin Optech newsletter #164 is here:

- describes a new web-based tool for decoding and modifying PSBTs
- links to a blog post and proof-of-concept implementation of an eltoo-based LN payment channel
- continues the 'how to prepare for taproot' series: LN with taproot

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Snapshot of market prices for dual funded LN liquidity (currently experimental feature). Amazing to imagine the potential of wallet integrations, improved UX and build-out of (decentralized) infrastructure around this.

I've summarized my work on Userspace, Statically Defined Tracing support for Bitcoin Core in my Coinbase grant half-time report.

Got #joinmarket bots doing transactions on regtest in this branch:

where there's a simple c-lightning plugin (see that allows the bots to use LN as a "message channel".

It's still early but it was fun to observe that even with all on localhost, doing it this way was faster than a miniircd instance (which is as simple as IRC gets).

It'll be slightly slower over Tor of course. But speed is only a very minor consideration here.

Twitter Ministry of Truth: Having a Covid vaccine every hour is perfectly safe and should be encouraged to stop the spread.

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Israel taking 3rd Covid vaccine within a year. No doubt UK will follow.

At what point do you put a line in the sand? 4 a year? 6 a year? Starting to think having 2 was a mistake (I had reservations at the time).

Transcript of recent London BitDevs Socratic on Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs) with the Suredbits team

Interesting (and 1000+ responses) Twitter poll from @jon on usage of Bitcoin Core

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missed last week's c-lightning dev call? here's an anonymized transcript, courtesy of @michaelfolkson

v0.10.1 was just released. This update includes 551 commits from 15 different authors and introduces the exciting new Liquidity Ads and Offers features, updates to dual-funded channels, compatibility with Taproot addresses, + more! ⚡️

It is adorable how some Bitcoiners are trying to rally the troops on Twitter to care about the US political process (contact your senator etc)

Bitcoin either matters long term or it doesn't. If it is the former there is no way US authorities are going to set themselves on fire. If if it is the latter we might as well pack up now. The US isn't North Korea. There are smart strategic minds (more than anywhere else) with hands on the wheel.

Nietzsche went mad at 45 so Taleb has had a good innings

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Makes mental note that Taleb's intellectual consistency completely collapsed at 60. And he wrote his best book (imo) at ~50. Plan life accordingly.

This is probably a blog post of some sort, but I'm snowed under so just writing it here:

I think at a cursory glance, people overestimate Joinmarket's effectiveness, especially against *targeted* attacks, but if anything underestimate it when they take a deeper look.

Consider the idea of a targeted attack on a maker, identified e.g. through having done one coinjoin with them and knowing some utxos (say, just 1 for simplicity).

"Targeted" attack could just mean, acting as a taker, ... (1/n)

People usually consider IRC an online only medium, so it's nice to see us mentioned in the Real World!
Thanks to @fsf for the mention in this months newsletter.

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9 out of 11 required functionaries are now signaling for the Dynamic Federations hard fork on the ! If you're running an Elements node, be sure to update to v0.18.1.12 in preparation. 🌊⛓️

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