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Had some thoughts on the blinded DH key exchange idea for Chaumian mints that Ruben Somsen outlined a while back (that he got from a very old David Wagner post):

ping @nothingmuch I didn't have your github acct to hand :)
This is inspired by @callebtc 's new repo:

#bitcoin #cryptography

Barbell it.
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Need more bipolar personalities who are extremely risk averse at consensus layer and extremely risk seeking outside of consensus layer :)

Tracy (of Bitrefill), in our Bitcoinology meetup yesterday, posed the question to the audience: if you knew for sure that BTC would go down to 1K and stay there for the next 5 years, would you still hold Bitcoin? And framed it as: if the answer's no, then your use case is speculation.

I think this is wrong from a couple of angles (though of course a good point to raise!). Let me explain.

First, if I know an asset's value is going to go down (in purchasing power),


🔊Don't miss today's event!

📅Wednesday - 13 [email protected]:00

Conor Okus from Spiral & will give us insights into how and other open source development project funding works.

Git is event-sourced. This is important because once you realize this, you know that whatever stupid things you do, you can recover from it.

It may be hard to find how, but be assured: you can recover from any git-mistake.

This story strongly relates to "key prefixing":

The ambiguity is that the Fiat Shamir transform is conceptually 'hash the transcript of the conversation up to the challenge'; but where does the conversation *start*?

In basic Schnorr you can "forge" signatures on e.g. unpredictable keys, if you don't key-prefix (i.e. you don't start the conversation with the public key), which isn't important *most* of the time, ... (1/2)

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At £8.75 PP, Bristol based , with great talks, workshops and experiences, is by FAR the best value conference in existence! 🚀
Make sure you pop along! 🤩

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It was great introducing covenant development on @Liquid_BTC with @brqgoo where we soft-launched Ionio, a high-level smart contract language, and SDK that targets Elements Tapscript and (soon) Simplicity

Coldcard Video Tutorial - I've created the most robust and in-depth vid tutorial on the internet. CC is a beast, insanely versatile and packed with features. First section is basics, then it dives into advanced features. All paired with Sparrow Wallet on desktop. Watch this to go from zero to hero.


is like Hacker News but it pays you

Looked to see if OpenSSL was planning to support Schnorr signatures and apparently Bitcoin BIPs probably aren't a "national or international standards body" 😀 Maybe one day

We'll have an in person Socratic on Wednesday June 29th. Thanks to the @bitcoinology271 meetup for providing the room and @Bitrefill for providing the drinks.

Next month we'll have an online Socratic on the latest state of MuSig2 w/ Tim Ruffing
and hopefully some other MuSig2 contributors/implementers too.

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ROAST is an async. protocol that makes t-of-n FROST signing robust: t honest signers can produce a Schnorr signature even if other signers disrupt.

Joint work with my awesome co-authors Viktoria Ronge @robot__dreams @jonschben @doschroeder

Non-technical explanation in Section 3

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New BIP by @chris_belcher_ to standardize time locked addresses for fidelity bonds!

A very powerful idea to increase verifiable costliness of anonymous participants.

Useful for many applications.

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