Wasabi research club talked about SNICKER and I attended. Hangout started with a slide presentation by Aviv Milner explaining in detail, visually, how it works - very recommended if you're interested in the proposal but don't want to wade through the BIP draft.


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A couple of announcements.

Firstly, we're delighted to host a presentation by @[email protected] of @[email protected] on Wednesday January 15th. Sign up to attend here: meetup.com/London-Bitcoin-Devs

I don't agree with everything greg maxwell says about non-technical topics, but this is so spot on I had to quote it:

"New things attract weirdos because normal people are more content with whatever they've already got going on in their lives. Often the weirdos are weird in good or at least benign ways. Sometimes they're weird in bad ways. I've been involved early on in a number of big impactful things and each one of them had a disproportionate share of weird people early on...." (1/2)

@jon Updated the notes for this Wednesday’s session with some definitions:

- Undefined Behavior (UB)
- Uninitialized variables
- MemorySanitizer (MSan)
- Valgrind

and added more resources.

Thanks to practicalswift for his pedagogical efforts and work on this in Bitcoin Core.

My proposal for adding SSL to the Bitcoin Core HTTP server (still in a very early state):


This week we talked to @waxwing about Bitcoin privacy and SNICKER, a non-interactive two-party variant of coinjoin. We also discussed:

- Joinmarket
- Payjoin / p2ep
- Wasabi & Samourai Wallet
- Confidential Transactions
- Zcash & Monero

Be sure to check it out!


Somehow brilliant and awful at the same time.
From a new paper by Koblitz on failures of security proofs :

A particularly bothersome feature of side-channel attacks is that a countermeasure taken to reduce risk from one type of side-channel leakage might increase vulnerability to other types of attacks. A common recommendation to avoid timing and power-consumption attacks is to introduce ...


@FreePietje Well I find you ridiculing the lack of my capabilities deeply offensive. Who do I speak to on Mastodon to ensure that people don't comment on my capabilities (or lack of) again? The NYT wouldn't publish the drivel that I am typing so why should FB, YT or Mastodon?

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The video of @[email protected] (co-author of Erlay research paper, @[email protected]) presenting @[email protected] on the current state of P2P research in Bitcoin is up. youtube.com/watch?v=ZUWs00Anpa

A test for the Bitcoin Core rpcwhitelist system.
Hopefully it can be merged now :)

@michaelfolkson @jon @harding thanks for writing on this !

just noting: although most of the good first issues require Python or C++, there's also some "good first issues" that require only shell scripting knowledge; see for example github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/iss

I've drafted an article for Bitcoin Magazine on Good First Issues for Bitcoin Core. If anyone has any feedback or suggested edits please let me know cc @jon @harding @orionwl docs.google.com/document/d/1HY

If you don't have the time to check out the Stephan Livera podcast w/ @jon on contributing to Bitcoin Core give the transcript a read. Was a great interview diyhpl.us/wiki/transcripts/ste

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