This week we talked to @waxwing about Bitcoin privacy and SNICKER, a non-interactive two-party variant of coinjoin. We also discussed:

- Joinmarket
- Payjoin / p2ep
- Wasabi & Samourai Wallet
- Confidential Transactions
- Zcash & Monero

Be sure to check it out!

Somehow brilliant and awful at the same time.
From a new paper by Koblitz on failures of security proofs :

A particularly bothersome feature of side-channel attacks is that a countermeasure taken to reduce risk from one type of side-channel leakage might increase vulnerability to other types of attacks. A common recommendation to avoid timing and power-consumption attacks is to introduce ...


@FreePietje Well I find you ridiculing the lack of my capabilities deeply offensive. Who do I speak to on Mastodon to ensure that people don't comment on my capabilities (or lack of) again? The NYT wouldn't publish the drivel that I am typing so why should FB, YT or Mastodon?

RT @[email protected]

The video of @[email protected] (co-author of Erlay research paper, @[email protected]) presenting @[email protected] on the current state of P2P research in Bitcoin is up.

A test for the Bitcoin Core rpcwhitelist system.
Hopefully it can be merged now :)

@michaelfolkson @jon @harding thanks for writing on this !

just noting: although most of the good first issues require Python or C++, there's also some "good first issues" that require only shell scripting knowledge; see for example

I've drafted an article for Bitcoin Magazine on Good First Issues for Bitcoin Core. If anyone has any feedback or suggested edits please let me know cc @jon @harding @orionwl

If you don't have the time to check out the Stephan Livera podcast w/ @jon on contributing to Bitcoin Core give the transcript a read. Was a great interview

Welcome @enrique! Some Bitcoin people to follow (my memory certainly misses several): @waxwing @openoms @harding @orionwl @jon @lukedashjr @FreePietje @htimsxela
But check out the #Bitcoin hashtag as well.

Published a disclosure for the details of CVE-2017–18350, fixed in Core and Knots v0.15.1

Interesting thoughts here .. the scriptless script construct gives a lot of flexibility in how LN channels can work - like Jonas I remember being very struck by Conner's talk on this last year:

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