Gmax earlier today was telling me about this proposal for jeremy rubin on something that has been a "hot" (or at least lukewarm!) topic in bitcoin research for years, namely a scripting change for what's colloquially referred to as just "covenants": the ability to restrict the outputs to which a utxo can be spent.

It seems like a very good write up. Generally, if we had such an opcode it would open up vastly more interesting constructions than are currently possible.

Apparently we have Alex Bosworth coming to London Bitcoin Devs on July 3rd, heads up if you're interested.

h/t @michaelfolkson

Youtube up of Conner Fromknecht's deep dive into lnd 0.6 just released:

(My PR is there, yay ... note this talk is pretty technical, I think the most interesting part is the modularised RPC subsystems, e.g. you can have someone with a macaroon that only allows them to do invoices, nothing else)

Also I've yet to see a SF meetup vid where you couldn't hear Murch in the audience. 😂

@michaelfolkson is bringing the Socratic Seminar format to London Bitcoin Devs, great idea and good topic:

On November 14th @pierre_rochard will present remotely on, the productivity tool for reviewing Bitcoin Core PRs at London Bitcoin Devs. Sign up here:

The video from last week's London Bitcoin Devs with @alc is up. If you're interested in parsing the blockchain or Bitcoin/Lightning transaction stats definitely take a look.

Good meet tonight in London with Chris Belcher and @sjors talking about Electrum Personal Server and Core with hardware wallets (so very similar topic, two slightly different angles). Thanks to the tireless @michaelfolkson for organizing against. Next month will be @alc about if I understand right.

Answer to the usual Q: yes, it'll be on youtube ;)


Here's a twitter thread I wrote a few months back on discovering an interesting old presentation doc written by Maxwell/Wuille a few years ago (it's linked in the first tweet):

It covers a lot of these concepts. I think v. helpful to get a clearer idea of how BTC both does, and should, work.

@antanst @michaelfolkson

Not really I think.
Another recommendation is to watch one of Andrew Poelstra's recent talks, all of which (except one about bulletproof technicals) have been about scriptless scripts, and he tends to elucidate a similar set of ideas. The one in Boston is a good choice I think:

@antanst @michaelfolkson

This old post from Greg Maxwell is actually a critique of Ethereum's approach, but it's kind of talking about similar things. Rather interesting:

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