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ROAST is an async. protocol that makes t-of-n FROST signing robust: t honest signers can produce a Schnorr signature even if other signers disrupt.

Joint work with my awesome co-authors Viktoria Ronge @robot__dreams @jonschben @doschroeder

Non-technical explanation in Section 3

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New BIP by @chris_belcher_ to standardize time locked addresses for fidelity bonds!

A very powerful idea to increase verifiable costliness of anonymous participants.

Useful for many applications.

🔊Don't tomorrow's the next event!

📅Wednesday - April [email protected]:00

@michaelfolkson will talk with us about Taproot.
He will walk us through the high level stuff and make our way into the nitty-gritty.

Bootle's paper on sublinear ZK arguments from 2016 has a nice explanation of how you can do the following: commit to a polynomial of large degree upfront with only ~ sqrt(degree) curve points. Then, when an evaluation is needed, you can prove that the value you claim is correct by using the linearity of the commitments, and you transfer ~sqrt(d) scalars. This is really only the very start of the paper :) I wrote a demonstration of how it works in Python:


Exactly why I cannot comprehend so many people saying that they like CTV but are on the fence about activation method and criteria.

If you care even a little about bitcoin, it shouldn’t be possible to have no opinion about how a *contentious* update is activated.
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This will be the first contentious consensus rule change attempt for 5 years. I think if you care about Bitcoin’s consensus rules you should be pret…

It’s possible to believe both these things:
1) CTV looks promising and may be a benefit to bitcoin (users).
2) More research on covenants and CTV is needed, rushing activation is dangerous, and so it should be blocked.
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If @JeremyRubin believes CTV benefits Bitcoin, he should deploy a UASF. (I like BIP8+LOT=true.) MASF attempt first doesn't hurt, though.

If @michaelfolkson believes it won't, he should deploy a URSF.


🔊Don't miss the next event!

📅Wednesday - April [email protected]:00

@michaelfolkson will talk with us about Taproot.
He will walk us through the high level stuff and make our way into the nitty-gritty.

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New release of JoinMarket is being planned soon. Before that there's now discussion about potential changes in fidelity bond settings. Even if you are just JM user, not developer at all, your opinion would not hurt here.

Someone on telegram pointed out this youtube video about the same same topic: it seems to be really very good, better than my talk actually, at least in general.

#bitcoin #segwit

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Interesting new vulnerability in Git. I just assumed Git was stable, secure by now. Seems not. My mind is too small.

Thoughts @waxwing? Considering ditching the fidelity bonds longer term or worth persevering with them?

London Bitcoin Devs talk+panel from last month is out, features cdecker, tbast and guggero talking about Lightning, pretty good stuff:

#lightning #bitcoin

Merged onion-based message channels for quasi-p2p communication between #joinmarket bots yesterday.

..Well that escalated quickly.jpg


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1 day before @advbitcoin @michaelfolkson organised this rock star panel about Lightening Network with:
- @Snyke from @Core_LN & @Blockstream
- @realtbast from @acinq_co
- @guggero from @lightning

In peacetime successful centralized companies get compromised by the state.

In wartime you expect me to believe Samourai is coinjoining Russian oligarch UTXOs and the state is turning a blind eye? If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

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